Repeating the Green Lights  

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Uploaded: 08/24/09 1:51 AM GMT
Repeating the Green Lights
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i dont know what to call this lol but school is starting monday ill b able to come more often but not alot lol oh my god wait until colledge i wont even be able to comment a picture but ill try a come often i miss u guys lol i hope you like this picture :)


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08/24/09 2:02 AM GMT
The green color is nice as well as the design,nice picture.Good luck in school.
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08/24/09 2:04 AM GMT
Soft and vibrant at the same time Mma! I see you filled the screen this work girl!
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Love and live.
08/24/09 2:07 AM GMT
I like the green. If I can't have it in my wallet, at least I can have it on my monitor. LOL.

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08/24/09 2:13 AM GMT
I like this, looks like you dropped a bunch of glass slides, none broken however. Super green. Study hard.
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08/24/09 2:17 AM GMT
Wow, this is wonderful and love the colours. Keep up the good work and great to see you back again.
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08/24/09 2:43 AM GMT
It's like being in a dark room with a beautiful green skylight Mma. Good luck in school.


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08/24/09 5:39 AM GMT
I agree with Tick, he said it so well. Good luck in school Mma.
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08/24/09 7:31 AM GMT
Oh Mma, this is WONDERFUL!! Super-fantabulous-awesomely-fan-freakin-tastic!!!
And I like it, too! LOL
Faved and saved!!
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08/24/09 8:37 AM GMT
Great image...Best of luck in school...
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08/24/09 10:15 AM GMT
Very nice, reminds me of mathematical imaging
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08/24/09 12:28 AM GMT
Mma - Nicely done - I like the 3D sense from the curves and light intensity shifts. This almost has a sci-fi feel to it. Much success in the upcoming school year! Thad
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08/29/09 11:49 PM GMT
very geometry-ish... great job!
Sky Girl
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09/02/09 3:18 AM GMT
I love the soft greens and transparent shapes Mma! Beautiful work!
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09/04/09 11:17 PM GMT
Mma, love the pattern and I love the colour. Have a great new year at school.
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