the Works Station  

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Uploaded: 03/15/10 1:46 AM GMT
the Works Station
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This is my computer workspace; it also doubles at times as the area where I do some of my painting. Due to the small space this was the best angle to take the shot and get everything in it. Way too much junk behind me to move and I didn't feel like moving the desk to the other wall. I made the desk myself from a single piece of plywood. It ain't pretty but it's serviceable and hasn't fallen apart, yet.


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03/15/10 1:51 AM GMT
Hey Wendell
You got a pretty sweet set up going on there!! I would never of guessed that desk was made of plywood just by looking at it. Do you end up getting paint on your computer!! I know I would.
Great shot of your desk space!
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03/15/10 1:56 AM GMT
Wendell - A nice work space - with plenty of music!! I like the dual screens. Thanks for sharing. Thad
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03/15/10 2:15 AM GMT
Haha, nice a plywood desk. Very collegesque. I approve...
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03/15/10 4:15 AM GMT
Looks like you have a good place to work Wendall. I enjoyed taking a look.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
03/15/10 5:16 AM GMT

Hi Wendell!

Delicious place and cogratulations for your desk!I believe it will not fall appart... so I belive lol. Nice to know that the relatieve of my brazilian flower exists in orange too! The kind you saw in my page, exists only in yellow.Have a shinning good week!
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Susie Sun
03/15/10 6:21 AM GMT
Cool shot Wendell.Thanks for sharing. Wow, a monitor for each eye:):)
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03/15/10 6:24 AM GMT
OMG another 'neat freak' !!! What is it with you men???? And two monitors!. Glad to see you have TONS of music CD's tho.
that is great....Love all those speakers too! Ok, lets hear it for more women posting the puter stations! C'mon on ladies! V
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She was so blonde she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate" !
03/15/10 10:01 AM GMT
It's cool...Thanks for sharing...
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03/15/10 4:44 PM GMT
Well look how neat and tidy!! I think I am too embarrassed to post mine lol:))
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
03/15/10 6:26 PM GMT
Wonderful cozy setup there, Wendell. Love the monitors and the speaker system.
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03/15/10 6:40 PM GMT
That a nice work station your wife as Opps no it yours. I am sorry but it is a bit tidy is it not for a man lol.Love how you have the decoration on you filing cabinets very posh looking.
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03/15/10 7:22 PM GMT
Wendell you did a marvelous job on your desk, it's really nice. 2 Monitor, wow, must be nice, do you hook each monitor to a different computer? That's really a great looking antique box on the floor with the lovely painting on it, looks like something Mennonites would make. Super work space and looks very peaceful
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03/15/10 7:24 PM GMT
Great workspace! I work with dual monitors while at work....and miss it so much when I go home. Looks like a great place to work
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03/15/10 8:15 PM GMT
So Wonderful working station.
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03/15/10 9:10 PM GMT
Ok, Wendell, now everyone is envious. You are so talented. That desk is beautiful.
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Life is a Constant Audition
03/15/10 9:48 PM GMT
Way to go Wendell, you got a super work area there. Looks like a loft ?? I like the angle of the wall/ceiling behind your monitors. Makes it seems like it conforms to "your" space. Very nice job on your desk too........ummm......I could use a nice desk like that. :) lol
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03/15/10 11:25 PM GMT
Quite a nice setup you have here.I will have to look and see if you have posted any of your paintings.
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03/16/10 12:35 AM GMT
Cool corner...beautiful workstation set up.
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03/16/10 1:50 AM GMT
Another tidy desk...and very cool set up, Wendell! Wow...2 monitors, and I assume a very nice audio system! You built your own desk?.... I'm impressed, and it looks very nice. When I visit people's houses, I usually head towards their CD collection, and I'm eying yours now =D Thanks for sharing my friend!
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03/16/10 2:29 AM GMT
Nice work area, Lefty. LOL. I see you like to use your Computer for a stereo too.
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03/24/10 6:02 AM GMT
Very tidy and clean desk. I see you have dual monitors and a good sound system. And probably you're left handed (placement of mouse). Very nice keyboard there (its from logitech). Do you play games?
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04/22/10 12:09 AM GMT
Very nice work space! :)
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