Glass, Steel and Brick  

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Uploaded: 06/07/12 2:25 AM GMT
Glass, Steel and Brick
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06/07/12 2:27 AM GMT
Love the commentary and I bet the title was hard to come by too. lol Really, I like the different elements, lines and textures as well as tones here. Everything looks different in b/w. Seem to notice more.
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06/07/12 2:51 AM GMT
Nice lines and Sharpness... I enjoy Iron on Brick, especially in Black and White!! The angle of that Staircase is a Nice touch!
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06/07/12 2:51 AM GMT
Great shot and post work . I like the textures and the lines of the stairs set the mood of the photo. Well done.
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06/07/12 4:19 AM GMT
I can only echo what's already been said...nice work.
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06/07/12 6:01 AM GMT
Be a good one for the 'probable' new contest theme too!
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06/07/12 6:59 AM GMT
A marvelous presentation Dan!!! Great colors and much to wonder about:):)
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06/07/12 10:38 AM GMT
Excellent capture my Friend, why it reminds me of the last party I went to....hmmmm....maybe I'm still there. Had I known you were going to take this awesome photo, I would have put something else on...had to 'fave'!
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06/07/12 1:09 PM GMT
I have tried to translate your narrative, Dan, but didn't succeed. Not a problem to me at all as your orginal image tells its own story. The outcome is depending of someone's imagination.

Regards, Cornelius.
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06/07/12 3:02 PM GMT
Oh my, I really like this, but I'm with Cornelius, can't figure out the description, lol, you are so funny Dan. Super find and love the textures
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06/07/12 5:43 PM GMT
Love this! Simple composition of simple things, black and white makes it great! Perfect as always!!!!
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06/07/12 5:46 PM GMT
I made a few quick get-a-ways back in the day Lt. Dan. These were handy escape routes.
Good comp.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
06/07/12 11:47 PM GMT
Super composition and detail.
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06/08/12 12:09 AM GMT
I think you did a marvelous job on this one, looks like something from an old movie. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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06/08/12 1:44 PM GMT
That soft lighting on such harsh elements is what attracts me to this. I keep comming back to it, so I must Fave & Save.
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06/08/12 6:38 PM GMT
Composition maaks for a interesting picture nice one.

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06/09/12 6:52 AM GMT
I agree on what is said here before me. I like it very much.
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06/10/12 9:24 AM GMT
Nice job Dan.
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