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Uploaded: 10/27/08 12:41 AM GMT
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Incendia again. Today's piece was inspired by the old gyroscopes I played with as a kid. What I like most about it is the inter-weaving of the wires and the ribboned ball. Hope you like it. If interested, there is a good tutorial that Ian put together on Incendia called "Learn how to make this!". You can get that here: Click.


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10/27/08 5:34 PM GMT
You just keep 'em coming Mike! This is so cool and pretty as well!! I remember the gyroscope too. It was an amazing toy and fun to watch and play with. Simply love it!
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10/27/08 6:56 PM GMT
I had a gyroscope as well. Still can`t understand gravity though lol Loving the shaddows and looking pretty smooth to me.

Ian :)
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10/28/08 12:53 AM GMT
That's probably the best Incendia image I've seen so far. I just wish Incendia would work on my PC, but it crashes for some reason. Anyway, cool image.
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10/28/08 1:46 AM GMT
WOW I never had anything like that, I think I'll go out and see if I can find a gyroscope.........if I do I'll have all sorts of crap torn up around here. LOL Nice job bud.
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10/28/08 1:50 AM GMT
Say, Uncle BB, how long did it take you to render this baby? I had one that rendered for 24 joke..and it still wasn't finished.

I'm glad you have the patience of Job. This looks great!

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10/28/08 6:36 AM GMT
What an amazing gizmo! I love the novelty of each one of these creations. The colors here are intensely beautiful. Such fine work.
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11/02/08 2:43 PM GMT
Nice design.
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11/03/08 5:39 PM GMT
very cool..great colors.. I cant seem to get mine to download?? image always comes out black or blue..:( I'll keep playing with the program.. Nice work here bud...=D
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11/04/08 3:13 PM GMT
Love it! I remember playing with those, too. This is so fascinating and well done.
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11/14/08 9:16 PM GMT
It's amazing, soooo beutiful. Looks a little lika a toy I had when I was a child.anyway It's really good,and cool. =)
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