Mishap Mechanism  

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Uploaded: 01/10/19 6:42 AM GMT
Mishap Mechanism
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Stay away from this for your own safety. Only view it from a distance please:):):)


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01/10/19 10:47 AM GMT
I was a tad frightened by your narrative, Bruce.
To prevent underestimation, I even put on safety goggles, but that didn't benefit the enjoyment of your render. So I carefully put it off again and have finally come to the conclusion that you've fooled us, 😁 .
Thank you for the wise lesson and for your beautiful render, Buddy!
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01/10/19 11:05 AM GMT
I am following instructions and standing back for my own safety but feel very drawn in to this mechanism - which perhaps is the purpose :)
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01/10/19 12:52 AM GMT
Very cool, I can feel the power as it tries to pull me in. :) tigs=^..^=
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01/10/19 6:38 PM GMT
Looks like you got some windshield washer fluid mixed in with your oil BB. How long did you stir it? ☺
Great work.


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