Psychopath Teeth X-Rays  

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Uploaded: 02/07/19 7:07 AM GMT
Psychopath Teeth X-Rays
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What can I say, I'm mad!!:):)


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02/07/19 11:35 AM GMT
---What can I say, I'm mad!!:):)---

Hope it's temporary, Bruce, 😁 .
Didn't know that teeth (and/or its X-rays) could be psychopathic, only their bearer.
You're however not a psychopath, but a genius for sure, Buddy!
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02/07/19 11:39 AM GMT
Moths wings in formation.
I have an aversion to moths batting against me - maybe this delightful mage will cure that - they look friendly
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02/07/19 5:34 PM GMT
This is so cool! Like Lyn I do have an aversion to them flying close to me, this is user friendly! :) tigs=^..^=
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02/07/19 6:04 PM GMT
What happened to the original title, "Just Do The Moth Man?"
Reminds me of the dolls they found on the "True Detective," show on HBO. There is a psychopath involved.
Looks like these have been hung out to dry.


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02/08/19 1:16 AM GMT
Hey Tick!! I changed it but I'm glad you noticed!:):) I liked the moth reference as I too saw the resemblance to the moths wings. Good eye:)
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02/13/19 9:22 PM GMT
I think you must have eaten some of Lin-O's mushrooms. KIDDING!
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