Wall and Sand II  

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Uploaded: 09/05/19 6:47 AM GMT
Wall and Sand II
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I posted a picture of a concrete wall along with some sand near ocean beach at San Francisco, Ca. about a year ago called Wall and Sand. Here's a manipulation of that picture. Thanks for looking:)


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09/05/19 10:33 AM GMT
A 'castle on solid ground surrounded by raging waves' comes into my mind when I view this wonderful render, Bruce.
This solidness of the 'fortification' gives me confidence however, so that I don't have the intention to call either 9-1-1 or a SAR (Search and Rescue) team, Buddy, 😜 !
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09/05/19 2:19 PM GMT
Great workup here. Makes me think of falling down on my read deck and looking up at the ceiling fan!! LOL! Love the color mix.
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09/05/19 3:09 PM GMT
I agree that it looks like a ceiling fan stirring up the sand BB.
Good creation.


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09/05/19 3:41 PM GMT
While I have been influenced by the 'ceiling fan' suggestion, I am also intrigued by the intricate design of the center portion and lovely colors of the areas on the sides...terrific creation, Bruce!
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09/05/19 4:31 PM GMT
....oh, look very, very close and tell me what you find:):)
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09/07/19 4:15 PM GMT
Some interesting elements here!
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09/13/19 8:51 PM GMT
Now this is one heck of creative effort, wtg! tigs=^..^=
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