USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)  

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Uploaded: 07/22/20 6:40 AM GMT
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
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To all Star Trek fans worldwide:) Thanks for looking. Am I allowed to use this name? I'll find out:)


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07/22/20 8:26 AM GMT
---Am I allowed to use this name?---

Bruce, I don't know if your country has restrictions on this.
It's your own beautiful work of art, and therefore doesn't infringe any copyright. For me, using this title is the best use of your artistic freedom.
But I'm not an (American) lawyer. Let's see indeed, Buddy!
4∈ [?]
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07/22/20 12:46 AM GMT
I'm not a Trekkie. but I can do the Vulcan Salute.
Assume this has been properly saluted.
4∈ [?]
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07/22/20 6:44 PM GMT
Super cool work here Bruce, beam me up! tigs=^..^=
4∈ [?]
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