The Center Of Attention  

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Uploaded: 08/12/20 2:45 AM GMT
The Center Of Attention
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This is a remake of the Pillow Weaver post a couple of days ago:) I added some texture/pattern to the weave part then messed around a bit in and then.......I sent it to you!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your comments;)


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08/12/20 9:25 AM GMT
---This is a remake of the Pillow Weaver post---

Bruce, I hope this isn't the result after a restless and turbulent night, 😁 !
Regardless of whether this is the case or or not, the title of your render is well-chosen because, when it becomes to getting attention, it acts like a magnet that attracts iron, Buddy!
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08/12/20 3:28 PM GMT
So you unfluffed my pillow BB. It looks good this way. Now if it is as comfortable, we will have no problems.
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
08/12/20 10:15 PM GMT
Very well done, I have said it before but you so good at these.
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08/13/20 3:16 AM GMT
Creativity flows in your veins, I don't know what else to say... this is remarkable... so natural ... brilliant work.
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08/13/20 8:04 AM GMT
Great work again...this one has many possibilities, whichever way you look at it...

Different colours in the separate sections would be great
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08/13/20 8:54 AM GMT
Likey this! Faved
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