Hovering Posts  

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Uploaded: 08/12/20 2:48 AM GMT
Hovering Posts
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.....the 4X4 kind:):) Thanks for looking.


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08/12/20 9:35 AM GMT
Bruce, I'm not an art connoisseur, but I don't rule out the possibility that in the world of contemporary art it would be considered as a movement of Cubism.
Very original and a bit 'out of the box'. It again shows your versatility as an artist, Buddy!
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08/12/20 3:30 PM GMT
Looks like a bin at the lumber yard with some boards missing BB.
They must have had a "fire sale."
Great work and they seem to be floating.
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08/12/20 10:16 PM GMT
I see a puzzle how cool this one turned out to be. tigs=^..^=
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08/13/20 8:02 AM GMT
Way to go Bruce..the mind 'Boggles' at this one...
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