Twisted Sister  

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Uploaded: 09/17/20 6:07 AM GMT
Twisted Sister
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Not the band though:) Thanks for your comments.


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09/17/20 8:01 AM GMT

Bruce, I don't like heavy metal 'music', but as always it's my personal taste, so I understand that people like the 'music' of the Twisted Sister band.
I like however the graphical Twisted Sister version. In stead of destroying my hearing, it's a feast for my eyes, because its colors and shape. Perfect 'bokeh' (😁) too, Buddy!

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09/17/20 3:03 PM GMT
Maybe "Bothered Brother" would have been a good name as well BB.
Heavy metal is just that to me..."heavy."
Love the glow this one has. I think they are holding a note.
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09/18/20 5:41 PM GMT
Gosh this is super cool, faved! tigs=^..^=
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09/21/20 10:00 PM GMT
Likey...And I DO like Twisted Sister
\m/ ^_^ \m/
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