Freak Me Out  

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Uploaded: 05/25/24 6:38 AM GMT
Freak Me Out
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....but don't make me cry:):):) Have a great weekend. I'm off to the gold country of CA.... Jamestown and neighboring towns and up in the Sierra Nevada's:)


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05/25/24 8:17 AM GMT
Bruce, a quite complex, ingenious but splendid render that can only be fully enjoyed at full screen size.
Jamestown was only known to me from Virginia (Jamestown Ferry), so I had to look on the map where Jamestown California is situated and saw that it is located west of the Sierra Nevada. Have a good stay there, Buddy!
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05/25/24 12:46 AM GMT
A wonky kaleidoscope of beauty !! Haver a fine holiday !
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05/26/24 8:33 PM GMT
...It sure IS, too!

Nice one...Faved

Safe Holiday, Double B...
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05/27/24 7:58 PM GMT
I marvel at this one!
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05/28/24 2:43 AM GMT
I realize the 1959 film version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is a little cheesy, but I'm an old fart who first watched it as a young boy, and there is a scene in which Pat Boone (as Alec McKuen), lost from the rest of the party, crosses a rock bridge over an abyss. The rock collapses under him and, leaping to the other side to save himself, he looks far below to see the rocks break the surface of a pool, and what appears to be wild fans of brightly-colored natural chemicals erupts from the break. The view of those chemical fans is what is triggered in my mind when I see this post of yours, Bruce. Very cool with myriad overlapping shapes, lines, colors, etc., etc. A favorite for me.

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05/28/24 5:21 PM GMT
This is freak'n cool! tigs=^..^=
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