Golden Ring Serpent  

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Uploaded: 03/01/08 7:57 PM GMT
Golden Ring Serpent
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Apo and Photoshop. A golden cobra flame.


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03/02/08 5:24 AM GMT
Really enjoy this,Nice Job!Faved
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03/02/08 2:00 PM GMT
Hey where are all the comments on this amazing artwork? This went to my favs. Very well done.
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03/02/08 7:17 PM GMT
Gorgeous fractal! Very nice details and colors!
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03/02/08 8:43 PM GMT
Elegant and Fantastic work with Beautiful colors..
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03/02/08 11:13 PM GMT
That is sooooo cool. Luv it Frankie. +fav
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03/03/08 4:19 PM GMT
Special , well done .
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....Dreamstime..... Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature. Big stock photo
03/06/08 11:10 AM GMT
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
03/10/08 4:23 AM GMT
wonderful job Frankie.. love the design and gradient..saved n faved...=D
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03/17/08 1:00 PM GMT
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04/04/08 6:22 PM GMT
whoa. umm, that's totally inacceptably cool. fantastic gradient there, and a nice background work. the flame on its own doesn't stroke my eye, but overall it's an effective image. Makes an excellent desktop when displayed in a smaller size than your monitor with a black background: like a strange, living, dangerous but beautiful jewel displayed.
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04/05/08 10:16 PM GMT
nice. but what i thought a fractal was was nothing like this, so what is a fractal? i thought it was a bunch of small pictures making a big picture. I'm only like 12 so, i dont know. I just think this is a really cool picture.
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04/25/08 6:37 PM GMT
Wonderful! I am new here and this is the first image I have fav'ed.
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05/04/08 8:36 AM GMT
looks very good
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05/08/08 6:00 AM GMT
Truly Unique. It just became my latest background. Love it!!!
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05/13/08 9:14 PM GMT
Oh my! This is just fantastic! It could be the top of a scepter for some member of royalty. I just love the colour, soooooo very golden, but I especially like the way it fades at the top part. And the touches of red...Oh I have the PERFECT spot for the hood ornament of my Cougar!!! It's red and this would be perfectly gorgeous there!...ready to make one in real for me?
Thanx for a most awesome creation. Verena
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07/26/08 8:37 PM GMT
Great , Beautiful , awesome !!!
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03/17/09 8:49 AM GMT
Very interestng image. Magical.
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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams
08/25/10 5:37 PM GMT
By gummy, another KEEP-PAH!
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