Wild pigeon  

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Uploaded: 06/08/14 9:21 AM GMT
Wild pigeon
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This shot was taken a few weeks ago hope you all enjoy,Happy fathers day to all the fathers out their. have a nice day Gigi.


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06/08/14 9:24 AM GMT
In Holland we have still to wait a week for fathers day Gisele.

Nice capture.

Regards, Cornelius.
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06/08/14 9:37 AM GMT
Very nice shot with very good clarity Gigi. We don't see this kind of wild pigeon here at all. Here Father's Day was on May 29th.
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06/08/14 10:11 AM GMT
And it looks so timid. LOL Nice close up, Gigi.
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06/08/14 11:17 AM GMT
Not a Pigeon..Looks like a Mourning Dove...Nice one..R.
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06/08/14 1:19 PM GMT
He is checking you out, it is a mourning dove. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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06/08/14 1:31 PM GMT
Wild? Does it go to bars and stay out all night? LOL. Beautiful shot, Gigi.
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06/08/14 5:36 PM GMT
Great looking capture and nice sharp detail in this photo and stunning light plus colours my friend .
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06/08/14 5:55 PM GMT
I love this shot ..I am a big fan of bird photography ... but birds are elusive to me ...I haven't been able to photograph one yet ... Outstanding job!
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06/08/14 5:56 PM GMT
Lovely lighting on this mourning dove, Gigi...nicely done.
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06/09/14 12:23 AM GMT
Great close up of the dove Gigi!! Nice focus!!
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06/09/14 12:44 AM GMT
A nice sharp image. Great capture.
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06/09/14 7:42 AM GMT
Nice close-up and great shot , Gigi!
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06/09/14 10:47 AM GMT
Very good focus and sharp detail, dear Gigi.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/09/14 11:46 AM GMT
Good focus.

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06/11/14 7:09 PM GMT
Marvelous close up and love the softness of the background, really shows off this fellow looking right at you
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06/13/14 2:31 PM GMT
You are very, very good at this. Impressive details, capture, lighting is perfect, you must have some kind of karma where these wonderous creatures want to pose for you and you give us the gift of seeing them!
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06/21/14 10:40 PM GMT
A good close up on the mourning dove, Gigi. Nice bokeh and lighting in the photo.
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