One of the few things I would miss.  

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Uploaded: 11/08/19 12:04 AM GMT
One of the few things I would miss.
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I was thinking if I left Florida what I would miss. There really isn't much I would pine for, except for a couple things I would lamet such as Lettuce Lake park, my ancient reptilian friends who never betrayed me unlike others. Other things not so much such as the grinding barely tolerable mediocrity of Tampa, Love bugs, palmetto bugs the size of mice, 85 degrees on Thanksgivings and Christmas, hurricanes, the good ol boy network where you can never get ahead unless you're one of them, etc. Warning! Cynical alert! Ok, enough of my mid life crisis. This photo was taken Thanksgiving 2016. As you can see it's hard being a gator taking a nap on the fountain base. :)


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11/08/19 2:24 AM GMT
Do Gators Snore?
Hope you cheer up Alex.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/08/19 9:14 AM GMT
For most of us a very unusual and well taken photo Alex. That gator looks so harmless in this photo!
I have been twice in Tampa but that was in 1975. I liked the town at that time.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
11/08/19 10:48 AM GMT
The gator is apparently waiting for a shower for free, Alex,😜 !

Judging your narrative, you're in a sensitive/nostalgic mood, by you called 'mid life crisis' however. Join me in Tick's wish for cheering up!
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11/08/19 2:43 PM GMT
Captured perfectly, the light, background, reflection and details, quite an intriguing image.
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