Sydney Bridge At Night - REWORK  

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Uploaded: 09/26/05 11:05 AM GMT
Sydney Bridge At Night - REWORK
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I put the photo right, and fixed colors a bit ;) all the credits of course go to r0bbyr0b, for capturing that magnificant photo at first place :) And of course, my thanks goes to him, for letting me rework his photo cheers ;)


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09/26/05 12:32 AM GMT
Great shot! I love city shots at night! The bridge just happens to be placed in a great position, great job.
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-SilverFang- Take a look at the Visions of the Future.
09/26/05 12:32 AM GMT
Beautiful enhancements... its been 10 years since I saw the city for myself.
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What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
09/26/05 3:02 PM GMT
I think that this has become a little over stretched now and this has aggrevated the lens barrel and perspective distortions in the cityscape a little.
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
09/26/05 6:03 PM GMT
Wow, what an incredible view!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
09/26/05 6:07 PM GMT
yeah, horizontal view has a little distortion, but no matter how I tried, i couldn't fix it :(
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---Cheers, Boris---
09/26/05 8:41 PM GMT
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09/29/05 7:16 PM GMT
Congrats Boris! This is a great rework :-)
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10/02/05 5:15 AM GMT
the orientation of this is way better, good work, i just have 2 complaints, 1 you cut off part of the opera house which was origionally a good anchor, and 2 the sky is just a bit too purple for my taste, that might just be our monitor difference, but the purple came out quite a bit when you brightened the sky.
you should see if the origional post was cropped at all, and see if you can do your rework off of the true origional (if thats not what you already did) to get the full opera house in
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10/04/05 6:33 PM GMT
Hi Boris,
Excellent shot !!
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"Life is but a smile on the lips of Death" (Li Zhinfa)
10/04/05 10:15 PM GMT
this is not my shot people :(((

r0bbyr0b shot this one, and I just fixed it a bit! Thats all. All credits and all the thanksez go to him! :)
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---Cheers, Boris---
10/19/05 5:07 AM GMT
This was a fantastic photo..and you seem to have reworked it well...although its a real shame you cut of some of the opera house..because it really needs to be fully in the shot. 9/10
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10/21/05 12:09 AM GMT
That is amazing. wow. good work. not often do i see a photo as beautiful as this
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10/28/05 1:32 PM GMT
nuff said 8)
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10/29/05 5:17 PM GMT
This is a great photograph, the city is beautiful, i love the clarity and detail under the bridge and the glow of the city under the royal blue sky looks fantastic...nice work. Thanx for sharing.;-)
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10/30/05 8:30 AM GMT
wow what an incredible that in sydney? Ohh wait i live there and love it. Great work bra
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constantly redefined
11/06/05 10:10 PM GMT
Fantastic picture, I`ve never seen the bridge from a perspective like this. It`s in my favourites. Thanks for sharing.
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Don`t cover yourself in petrol and smoke.
11/09/05 3:39 PM GMT
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11/18/05 12:58 AM GMT
great photo, great retouching and its great to see some other ausies on this site
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01/30/06 9:30 AM GMT
I am a die-hard melburnian...but that is really a great shot:P. 9.5/10
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/this body makes me feel eternal//all this pain is an illusion/
02/04/06 7:32 AM GMT
Looks like a pro ... congrats
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02/10/06 9:27 PM GMT
Wow !
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-- Arne --
02/19/06 5:42 AM GMT
Very nice.
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Old Indian saying: "Don't spit into the wind."
03/01/06 3:30 AM GMT
Great job although most of the credit has to go to the original.
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03/05/06 5:01 PM GMT
The veiw angle of your photo is very powerful . The underneath bridge detail adds tremendous interest. Really really like this.
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03/11/06 9:21 AM GMT
Awesome, Something like this is hard to get detailed under a dark bridge. Nice lighting too. Very clear. Keep up the great job. OH BTW, what kind of camera did you use and lens?
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Andy S.
04/06/06 1:07 AM GMT
Absolutly beautiful! The bridge is spectacular and I like the silver brightness. The skyline is wonderful..all those lights. I really love this image..thanks!
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07/18/06 8:49 PM GMT
I liked it the first time. All you need is music.
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09/23/06 10:33 PM GMT
I have added this image to my favorites... great work.

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11/05/06 7:01 AM GMT
Perfect picture.
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04/16/07 1:28 PM GMT
a tip of the hat to both of you. I keep meaning to stash this in my oversight I've just now corrected ;-)
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Hi,my name is Rob..ok, so I'm not the greatest at replies and comments. Sorry. For anyone needing to contact me, my email is back up in my profile. >> my cluttered mess of a gallery
02/11/08 9:16 PM GMT
A nice edit of a good shot. If I was to say anything I would have cropped it a little tighter loosing the opera house alltogether and straightened the bridge support in the bottom right.

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03/31/08 2:06 PM GMT
I got a really massive poster of this from a printing exhibition and gave it to my brother. It obviously wasn't the exact same picture, but it was the same POV, and I like it very much. Thanks for straightening it for us.
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05/20/08 12:04 AM GMT
I love the color of the sky in this pic, great shot!
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10/06/23 4:50 PM GMT
I like this one! Faved
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