infra mill  

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Uploaded: 05/03/08 6:12 PM GMT
infra mill
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we took a boat trip today so i took this from the boat, this is pretty much typical norfolk type countryside!


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05/03/08 6:35 PM GMT
Nicely done. Infrared? I've always wondered how to do that.
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05/03/08 6:40 PM GMT
Amazing landscape, Great treatment on the photo also.
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05/03/08 7:12 PM GMT
I like the look of this picture. Very well done.

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I'd rather be here, than where I'm at
05/03/08 7:19 PM GMT
What a wonderful picture. I love the contrast between the silky sky and the textures of the ground and the mill. Definitely a favourite.
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05/03/08 7:37 PM GMT
Killer Image Jan.
Like the way it starts out dark on the left and lightens up as it gets to the Windmill.
Clarity and Detail are Awesome.
Faved !

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05/03/08 8:06 PM GMT
Is that Don Quixote and Sancho I see lurking in the trees. They look mad and their faces are infra Red. Another good post Jan. You do such nice, creative work that I can only imagine.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
05/03/08 8:38 PM GMT
Wonderful shot. You have done a fine job.
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05/03/08 8:47 PM GMT
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laughter is the best medicine.
05/03/08 9:51 PM GMT
Beautiful again, Jan!
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05/03/08 10:32 PM GMT
Another masterpiece! Well done Jan!
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05/03/08 10:38 PM GMT
Outstandingly good shot, Jan and the composition is especially pleasing.
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05/03/08 10:38 PM GMT
I love how it looks so windy! You captured an effect of motion in this one~ very cool!
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05/03/08 11:31 PM GMT
I really like this - the sky is "brilliant" and the framing is perfect. What a great way to take pics! Relax on a boat and let the landscape unwind right in front of your lens -

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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
05/04/08 12:18 AM GMT
Jan I gave this stunning image a 10 and I'm faving your beautiful post. I love the black and white and clarity of this.
sandi ♪ ♫
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
05/04/08 12:42 AM GMT
What a stunning, crisp the mill against that sky...great job!
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05/04/08 4:39 AM GMT
Splendid ambience.+ faves
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05/04/08 6:01 AM GMT
Fabulous work Jan...I would love to know more about infra-red work too...any suggestions?...

This is gobsmacking terrific..I love the image, and I love the place it was taken!.....will be there next year!!
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05/04/08 8:01 AM GMT
Funny you should post this because windmills are on my list of projects. Love this one, great perspective and the wispy clouds even look like they're being propelled by the sails. Sounds like you need to watch out for OB though. I'd tell him the best place to research infrared was in a solarium if I were you. That way he'd stick out like a tomato in the landscape.
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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others merely a green thing which stands in the way." William Blake
05/04/08 10:46 AM GMT
THIS rocks!! Perfect placement and perspective!! Superb in the infra-view and I just luv windmills!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
05/04/08 12:40 AM GMT
Wonderful infra effect!looks superb!!
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05/04/08 3:48 PM GMT
Beautiful Jan. I love that sky!

Ian :)
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05/04/08 9:42 PM GMT
Love this one Jan, I like the real dark sky contrasting against the light of the windmill. Bet this would of made a good colour shot too.

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05/05/08 7:27 AM GMT
High contrast of the ir works wonders for this image Jan.
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05/06/08 4:03 PM GMT
wow! really great shot and the clouds are very nice too :o)
I didn't know that Norfolk was in the Netherlands *LOL*
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05/06/08 9:09 PM GMT
Beautifully done.
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05/07/08 12:34 AM GMT
I really like you IR shots :-)
Nice shot and view Jan
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05/09/08 4:55 PM GMT
Just saw this on the front page... Beautiful, Jan! Great shot and excellent high contrast B&W. Niiicely done!
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"If I dream I shall be real, or really myself..." Robert Penn Warren
05/11/08 8:17 PM GMT
What a wonderful Scene,it really stands out in BW.LOVE IT.
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I might not be able to comment on all your pictures,But l try to look at as many as l can. Thanks My Friends.

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