Tread carefully.  

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Uploaded: 10/08/08 5:31 AM GMT
Tread carefully.
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An experimental image, that has a disturbing effect. The cobbled courtyard is within the Great Tower of Raglan Castle, Wales.


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10/08/08 6:25 AM GMT
Works for me. I like the blue colour contrasting with the cobbles.
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10/08/08 7:33 AM GMT
Excellent stuff...
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10/08/08 9:32 AM GMT
Hi Jef,
Disturbing,... perhaps, but that's what attracts to the image and makes it work,
Exceptionally done,

Thanks for sharing
Kind regards
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10/08/08 7:17 PM GMT
Wow! I saw this in the voting booth and had to give it a ten looks amazing to me.
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If we didn't have stupid people who would we laugh at?
10/08/08 11:26 PM GMT
Made me lOOk, so it works!!

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
10/13/08 9:46 AM GMT
You must have a keen eye to see things that we usually miss and take for granted. Faved!
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watatatatatata!!! XDXDXDXDXD
11/12/08 4:21 AM GMT
This has a haunting feel, something akin to Blair Witch...As stated above, this is a keen eyed shot. Nicely done indeed.
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11/16/08 2:11 AM GMT
WoW Amazing. Like the boy giving his color off his shirt makes him stick out more.
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11/16/08 5:37 PM GMT
Experimental, but wonderful capture. Congrats :-)
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12/06/08 4:29 PM GMT
I like this image a lot, looks like a spider web. Very nice.
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01/05/09 7:17 PM GMT
could someone explain how this ever ended up with a 45?
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10/31/09 11:15 PM GMT
Great, great shot!
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11/11/09 10:08 PM GMT
Tread carefully, for you tread on my dreams.

Very interesting pic. Kind of a lonely, dark feel to it.
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04/03/13 12:00 AM GMT
wow! odd division? super shot.
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12/28/15 7:11 AM GMT
I'm surprised I've never seen this one before. Children and unique perspectives make some of the best shots and I am always on the lookout for them. Here you've combined them both. Wow. I know three others commented with that word but wow anyway... it deserves it in spades. As Pat Andre would say, "A keeper."

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