An Old Woody  

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Uploaded: 10/14/14 8:57 PM GMT
An Old Woody
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Taken at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, on South Bass Island.


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10/14/14 9:10 PM GMT
That is an oldie. Looks like there is a car full ... gonna be a fun ride. I like your B & W treatment to give it a nostalgia look, but see the young ones in the back already have cell phones. :-) Excellent work, Jim.
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10/14/14 9:30 PM GMT
A nice shot for b/w challenge, Well captured Jim.
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10/14/14 9:41 PM GMT
A very nice looking old timer Jimbob. Apparently still going strong. Good entry for the b/w challenge.
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10/14/14 9:52 PM GMT
Good old what we call a station wagon.....R.
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10/14/14 9:58 PM GMT
Loved the old woodies Jim - used to see them all the time when I was a wee one. Maybe not quite as old as this one but they were still making them in the fifties . Excellent treatment.
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10/14/14 9:58 PM GMT
Evocative B&W image Jim which should do very well in the B&W Challenge.
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10/14/14 10:17 PM GMT
Black and white is a nice touch.
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10/14/14 10:20 PM GMT
Now that is some ride, looks very good in B&W, good challenge entry Jimbob! =^..^=tigs♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/14/14 10:33 PM GMT
I saw a termite inspector driving one of these JimboB.
The b/w treatment looks good.
I do like them in color too because the grain is always cool.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
10/14/14 11:10 PM GMT
Great looking car Jimbob,Good luck in the challenge.
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10/15/14 12:10 AM GMT
WOW! That is an oldie. It's nice in black and white.
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10/15/14 5:37 AM GMT
Fabulous old car...looks great in b/w...wonderful detail and post work too, Jim.
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10/15/14 6:06 AM GMT
Excellent B&W image Jimbob. Must be great to make a ride in it (without sophisticated electronics and other modern stuff like cell phones, lol).
A very appropriate entry for the challenge.
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10/15/14 6:53 AM GMT
Just waiting for Bonnie & Clyde to make an appearance here!...

Superb processing on this one...the treatment really gives it a style
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10/15/14 10:58 AM GMT
Great post work on this ol' woody, Jimbob. I hope they really don't put her in the bay! Good luck in the challenge!
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10/15/14 11:30 AM GMT
Super detail and tones in this image Jimbob. What a fine old timer this woody is. I am not much into cars (as long as they get me where I want to go that's all that matters) but this one I would love to have a ride in!
An excellent addition to the BWC, thank you :)
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10/15/14 2:17 PM GMT
Stunning! It is in such gorgeous shape JimBob - and it is just beautiful. Oh, to ride in this would be a dream. History in its best attire.
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10/16/14 8:56 AM GMT
I love classic / vintage motors Jimbob, more please!
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10/18/14 12:04 AM GMT
Wowsie capture and makes an brilliant B/W, showing us detail and textures. That's a great looking Woody, looks like the people are enjoying themselve
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10/20/14 9:39 PM GMT
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10/20/14 10:24 PM GMT
This is a wowzer! Nice!
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10/21/14 10:18 AM GMT
WOW this is great shot for a B/W..and done soo nicely! love the vignette..nice touch to have that sense of being back in time moment!
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10/22/14 11:41 PM GMT
Hot dog! My folks had a woody many years ago, though not so vintage as this. Great black and white shot of a classic!
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