Cold Day At The Beach  

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Uploaded: 01/31/15 4:01 PM GMT
Cold Day At The Beach
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I am still in Delaware, and I finally got out to take some pictures. This might work in the Vanishing contest, but I am not sure I will use it.


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01/31/15 4:05 PM GMT
The fence line does seem to vanish down around the bend. I really like the two people in this image as a point of interest. Fantastico, Jimbob.
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01/31/15 4:07 PM GMT
---I am still in Delaware---

Because the weather predictions aren't that good in your area Jimbob?

Take care anyhow my friend.

Very nice contender for the current contest. If you'll decide that this will be your entry: Good Luck with it!
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01/31/15 4:46 PM GMT
A grand disappearing point JB!...

It would work for the current contest!...If you don't use must be hiding something better eh!....
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01/31/15 5:08 PM GMT
Very nice one for the vanishing contest, A nice shot of the beach Jimbob.
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01/31/15 5:17 PM GMT
Very good vanishing point :) This one can really get in to the contest :) Good work Jim.
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01/31/15 5:18 PM GMT
A cold day at the beach is still a good thing - its the beach and the ocean and the sand - love it!!! Great shot Jimbob, would be an excellent contender for the contest.
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01/31/15 7:22 PM GMT
It looks like it fits the requirements for the contest perfecly JimboB. Lots of lines disappearing in the distance.
It will be a cold day at the beach whenever I get a chance to go.


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01/31/15 7:57 PM GMT
This would be a good entry Jim - seems to fit perfectly with several vanishing points in one scene.
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01/31/15 8:00 PM GMT
Great looking beach Jimbob perhaps we could all have a barbie in an old bell tent to keep out the cold? perhaps not |o: As for a vanishing point I can't see it [only joking]
This is a real contender for the contest!
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01/31/15 8:05 PM GMT
Great shot Jimbob well captured good luck in the contest.
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01/31/15 8:45 PM GMT
I think this would be a perfect entry, and leaving the couple in thew image really adds to the perspective. tigs =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/31/15 9:47 PM GMT
This has a nice perspective and good depth Jimbob. I think this will make a good entry as the water's edge and the fence seem to converge.
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01/31/15 10:04 PM GMT
Sweet shot.
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01/31/15 10:14 PM GMT
Beautyfull Jimbob, you can sent it te contest for a vanishing point
Good luck!
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02/01/15 12:49 AM GMT
It's beautifully done and would make a great entry in the contest.
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02/01/15 3:17 AM GMT
This vanishing competition boggles the mind Jimbob, I like Phlossies idea of a barbie, I'll supply the beers, like my steak medium rare btw. (:

Good luck in the competition.
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02/02/15 3:39 PM GMT
Great perspective.
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02/05/15 9:27 PM GMT
A beach is beautiful no matter the weather JimBob. It would be good for the contest - good luck if You decide to use it.
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02/11/15 8:42 PM GMT
Fabulous entry to the contest, gorgeous scene and composition. good Luck
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02/14/15 3:16 AM GMT
So this is where you take the ladies for those long moonlit romantic walks. A great perspective in the photo, Jimbob. Nice composition and depth in the scene. Best of luck in the contest.
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