Long's Peak  

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Uploaded: 04/21/15 11:39 AM GMT
Long's Peak
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I have had this picture for almost 23 years now, and finally decided to convert it to grayscale, to post in the black and white challenge. It was taken in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with an Olympus OM10...which I still have, but never buy film for any more.


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04/21/15 11:43 AM GMT
I also have that camera...I used it twice last year...can still get film for it too...but the processing is not to my liking, so I don't use it now

This has lasted well after all them years mate...Cool capture and will do well in the challenge
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04/21/15 12:21 AM GMT
Excellent shot Jimbob good luck in the challenge.
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04/21/15 12:22 AM GMT
Great depth in this Jimbob and it has converted well.
Looks like it was taken from a good height - nice work.
Added to the BWC list for Wednesday - thank you for your continued participation :)
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04/21/15 12:23 AM GMT
Turned grey with age after 23 years but still looking good Jimbob. It is a nice view and ideal for the b/w challenge.
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04/21/15 12:28 AM GMT
This is a nice shot of the Rocky Mountains, Good shot for challenge Jimbob.
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04/21/15 12:38 AM GMT
Rugged terrain in B/W makes for a fine entry into the challenge, Jimbob. Did they have color film 23 yrs ago??? Good luck.
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04/21/15 1:09 PM GMT
Like an old Ansel Adams B&W...Very good..R.
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04/21/15 1:16 PM GMT
A great rustic look to this wonderful photo. Good work!
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Long before the white man and long before the wheel, when the dark green forests were too silent to be real. Light foot 1967
04/21/15 2:37 PM GMT
Great shot and only the rocks last forever, JimboB.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
04/21/15 2:40 PM GMT
Beautiful shot of the Mountain range JimBob - I wonder how much has eroded in 23 years.
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04/21/15 5:13 PM GMT
I though of all the beautiful Ansel Adams shots when I saw this Jim - converted wonderfully well - I haven't used film for 11 years now not sure I'd remember how!
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04/21/15 5:13 PM GMT
Had some analog camera's as well (and have still one) Jimbob, but I don't know whether I can buy a new film for it in my area or not.
So your capture belongs to the 'nostalgia' gallery, lol.
It was converted perfectly into an entry for the B&W challenge. You've done a good job my friend.
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04/21/15 6:31 PM GMT
I still have my old Minolta that has been retired to the closet. This looks very good in the conversion, and fits the challenge perfectly. tigs=^..^=
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04/21/15 9:23 PM GMT
Jimbob - Good conversion work - and a fine b/w challenge entry.
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04/22/15 12:25 AM GMT
Nice shot, turn out to be a nice b/w contender.
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04/22/15 1:08 AM GMT
Makes a marvelous B/W posting with great depth and composition - what a breath taking view
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04/22/15 7:52 PM GMT
You had a good camera eye for good design, even 23 years ago.
Excellent image Jim.
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04/26/15 2:24 AM GMT
A good perspective and depth in the photo, Jimbob. A good b/w presentation of the scene. Is that Big Foot I see on the ridge line?
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