Night Blooms  

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Uploaded: 02/23/09 4:04 PM GMT
Night Blooms
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I might be calling it Night Blooms but its really brightly colored. Please view it full screen to see its details and textures. Thanks so much for all the views and comments. Always appreciated.


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02/23/09 4:25 PM GMT
Maybe you are an ancester of Van Gogh! You have his style in this one, Joanie. I like it alot!
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02/23/09 4:25 PM GMT
Joanie, This has such a beautiful painted sureal look about it. I'm faving it lady. =^..^= sandi ♪
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02/23/09 5:15 PM GMT
Hi Joanie! I'm your fan. You're a very talented artist. Love all your work. Thanks for sharing it.
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02/23/09 5:38 PM GMT
Have to agree with John, it reminds me of a Van Gogh oil painting. Love your design and colours. Bravo Joanie
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A beautiful sunny day but really really cold, burr and the windchill makes it a lot worse.
02/23/09 5:40 PM GMT
That is beautiful> My eye is drwn to the bright shades of red and yellow...almost missed the blue tones. How did you get that painted effect? it's got to be one of your best.

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02/23/09 7:39 PM GMT
Beautiful ... looks like an oil painting of flowers. Love the colors ... very nicely done Joanie.
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02/23/09 7:41 PM GMT
This is really good Poco. Faved. Looks more artistic than the normal fractals.

Tick* was here

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"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart." Vincent van Gogh
02/23/09 7:44 PM GMT
A very good job, with brush and easel Joanie!I like it!
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02/23/09 8:00 PM GMT
Such a beauty!! I love the dark colors you used.
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Angelle "Sometimes you just need to stop, breathe deep, and scream. Trust me, it helps."
02/23/09 9:17 PM GMT
Seems you have developed a new style with this one. Really cool work, Joanie Van Gogh. I like the colors and the textures, and that big yellow and red flower. Looks great on the I have to see what it looks like with Reflet.

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Howdy y'all
02/23/09 10:13 PM GMT
Joanie, as said so many times before, but I'll say it again. You are one very talented lady. Each of your creations are unique to say the least. These colors just pop and makes a beautiful DT. The quality of your fractals is exceptional :O)
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02/23/09 10:20 PM GMT
I really like this Joani. It looks more like a painting then a fractal. Beautiful colors and I love the flower design. Excellent work!
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02/23/09 11:18 PM GMT
Very nice textures,like an oil painting!!
Well done!
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02/23/09 11:34 PM GMT
Looks like an oil painting and it's very beautiful.
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02/24/09 12:10 AM GMT
I like the contrast between the heat and the cooliness of the piece!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
02/24/09 3:48 AM GMT
Reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night! Very pretty!
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02/24/09 4:12 AM GMT
Yes! Van Gogh... one of my favorites. It looks to be a combination of his Starry Starry Night and one of his sumptuous flower creations... Nevertheless... it's all yours!
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02/24/09 9:05 AM GMT
great design Joanie. you create some real nice designs.
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02/25/09 1:33 AM GMT
love the colors and a great design:)
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02/25/09 5:15 PM GMT
I really like the colors and the modernistic feel it has.
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02/27/09 12:56 AM GMT
Teerific Joanie !

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
03/01/09 1:05 AM GMT
I say it looks more like a stain glass window. The detail in you work is unmatched. You are a very patient and talented lady.
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03/05/09 12:36 AM GMT
Reminds me of a French impressionist oil painting. I like the bright center flower surrounded by cool blue one...very lovely!
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03/07/09 4:19 AM GMT
Oh Joanie!! This is going straight to my desktop, it's perfect!!
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carissa =D
04/01/09 10:42 PM GMT
I'm with maricaribe. It didn't remind of Van Gogh, but Monet, if he had used more primary colors. One of the neatest thing about your fractals is that most of them make great computer wallpaper. So many fractals are too busy or overwhelming for desktop. I've used many of yours.
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07/09/11 4:48 AM GMT
This is beautiful and so like painters..especially Van Gogh! Great work you are talent and imiginative ( i hope my opinion is acceptable here)
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