For The Rich And Famous  

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Uploaded: 05/31/18 1:20 AM GMT
For The Rich And Famous
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Well, I've had a couple days and decided to give it a go. Angie has been in the hospital for a week now and I'm quite lonesome and bored. Please keep praying for her! I can't go into detail about her, cause its very complex. I do hope you enjoy this and you are all okay on your end! Take care my friends!


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05/31/18 3:00 AM GMT
Hi dear:):) Hugs your way and I'm so glad to see another striking render from your creative mind:):) Sorry 'bout your daughter:):)
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05/31/18 3:02 AM GMT
Ah, the return of the Fractal Queen. How good is this! Great render Joanie.

Joanie, I am so sorry to hear about Angie and she is in my prayers. My best wishes go out to you also.
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05/31/18 5:45 AM GMT
'For The Rich And Famous'...that would be me...NOT, lol...a gorgeous, luxuriant design tho' haven't lost your sorry to hear about the continuing problems with your daughter...I will keep her in my prayers...all the best.
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05/31/18 6:43 AM GMT
Oh I do like a little bit Bling....R.
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05/31/18 6:57 AM GMT
---Please keep praying for her!---

I will certainly do that, Joanie. Please take care!

Despite the conditions that are of concern to you, it's amazing to me that your positive attitude continues and your creativity stays at the highest level.

This marvelous creation is a proof for that.

S+F instantly. Thanks, my friend!
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05/31/18 8:14 AM GMT
Nice to see you coming back with this excellent creation. Hope and pry that everything goes well with your daughter Joanie.
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05/31/18 10:16 AM GMT
Love the golden glow in it, wonderfully done.
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Carpe Diem!
05/31/18 11:13 AM GMT
SAW said it already girlfriend, you have not lost your touch! This will be in my faves. I so wish Angie could recover from her issues, I'm sorry to hear she is still dealing with the issues, it takes a toll on the entire family, stay strong! tigs=^..^=
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05/31/18 6:36 PM GMT
I too am sorry to hear of Angies continuing problems and will keep her in my thoughts - very nice render - you definitely have not lost your touch my friend.
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06/01/18 6:29 PM GMT
Nice to see you on Caedes Joanie - you have treated us to a spectacular image - love the design, pattern and colors - Great work - Take Care!!!!!!!!!
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06/03/18 10:04 PM GMT
I am glad to see you back. I love this new creation. I agree with the others, you haven't lost your touch. I am sorry about your daughter, I know how difficult it is to have somebody in the family who i sick. But, take care of yourself, she needs you. My best wishes, I have you both in my thoughts.
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