Horse dinner  

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Uploaded: 11/11/06 8:56 AM GMT
Horse dinner
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Here some other Icelandshorses from the same stable.


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11/11/06 9:39 AM GMT
Wonderful capture with great lighting and colors, simply beautiful !!

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joy is not in things, it's in us !!!
11/11/06 9:48 AM GMT
Great shot...the lighting really makes this. Very nicely done.
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11/11/06 11:40 AM GMT
Beautiful, Beautiful. The whole picture seems illuminated with light. Excellent photo Mariana.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
11/11/06 12:52 AM GMT
A bunch of cute fellas Mariana!! Luv the background...very peacful place!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Why does the picture come out square when the lens is round??? 8~O
11/11/06 1:20 PM GMT
They are gorgeous horses, as is this photo! I love the way the wind is moving the mane on the horse in the center. Very thick & long! The lighting here really adds to the overall quality, & the river & trees in the background look fantastic. What a nice setting. It goes into my favs today! Great shot Mariana!
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11/11/06 1:27 PM GMT
This is really a marvelous scene with the sunlight on the horses and the lake and trees in the background. Wonderfully framed as well!
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All of earth is crammed with heaven And every bush aflame with God But only those who see take off their shoes. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning<p> mygallery
11/11/06 2:43 PM GMT
Ooh, this is gorgeous. These are really beautiful horses. I love their bushy manes. This one goes into my faves.
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11/11/06 3:38 PM GMT
Lil's going to LOVE this, Mariana!! The horses are beautiful and the setting so perfect. Just like a postcard!!
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It's all about perspective and perception.
11/11/06 5:08 PM GMT
Such a pretty shot! I love the way the sun is warming up the colors in the horses' fur. Beautiful capture!
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11/11/06 5:42 PM GMT
Just beautiful. I would give it a 10, even I do not like frames.
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11/11/06 5:55 PM GMT
Bravo! Just an awesome shot all the way around! The horses are beautiful and the background is breathtaking! Nice work! Wen
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11/11/06 9:45 PM GMT
It is a lovely Lake, but your photo is so wonderfully sunlit, and horses so relaxed and gleaming - it's stunning!
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11/12/06 12:21 AM GMT
Wow. This is a stunning picture. Very beautful. I love the horses, I think I want one!
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11/12/06 12:39 AM GMT
Amazing capture with terrific lighting Mariana. The horses look wonderful and happy in their winter coats. What a great post.
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I'm way behind so forgive me for not commening on your individual posts but know that I've looked at all of them since I left. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita
11/12/06 5:49 PM GMT
Great post.....
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
11/12/06 8:42 PM GMT
This is indeed beautiful and well shot. The light on the horses with their rich, colored coats and the beautiful blue of the water beyond them is wonerfully striking.
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11/12/06 8:59 PM GMT
By golly they are very nice looking horses is a terrific shot with the two looking back at you...gerry..
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11/13/06 3:00 AM GMT
Congrats on your score of 84 !!! It deserves it and much more, and I've said that a lot tonight as I work my way through the pics that I've missed while I was busy with "life". I truly love the healthy appearance of the horses and how they are so busy with their meal that they're just glancing up to acknowledge you and perhaps they're inviting you to come and join in thier delicious repast :)PJ
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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
11/14/06 7:07 PM GMT
Hay !! I like it. Ron.
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Life, this is not a rehearsal so live the day. Ron.
11/17/06 12:12 AM GMT
You couldn't ask for a better scene than this - great shot -

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11/17/06 1:24 PM GMT
This is absolutely gorgeous... a fantastic capture, good light, colour and composition... love this one
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MY GALLERY ........... "Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece"
11/18/06 4:57 PM GMT
Nice :D
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11/18/06 9:45 PM GMT
The lighting in this is beautiful, as are the horses and scenery, great work.
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"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" Forrest Gump...kinda relates to photograghy
11/24/06 4:00 AM GMT
Go look in my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Putting your pictures in my favorites is the highest honor I can give you. I hope that is alright with you.

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