Nature's puzzle  

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Uploaded: 10/24/13 2:54 AM GMT
Nature's puzzle
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Only messed a little with the extra texture. Otherwise nothing much was manipulated, I promise ! SAM & SAAB


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10/24/13 2:58 AM GMT
Oh I do like this one, the textures are super! I like the title, and this would do well in the challenge. This agent is signing off for the night. Reporting back tomorrow, night SAM.
SAS =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/24/13 4:06 AM GMT
Great idea, I really like the B/W, thanks.
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I didn't quit, I surrendered
10/24/13 5:29 AM GMT
Nice texture maybe a pin?
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10/24/13 6:31 AM GMT
Super texture!...great for any woodland image as a backdrop!

Good tones too!
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"
10/24/13 8:21 AM GMT
Wonderful image and messing up. LOL. Nice B/W, SAM.
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10/24/13 8:39 AM GMT
I love it, outstanding and unusual picture.
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10/24/13 8:48 AM GMT
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10/24/13 9:28 AM GMT
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10/24/13 9:55 AM GMT
Well done SAm - This will make a good entry for the B/W contest. The textures look great.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
10/24/13 12:32 AM GMT
Nice looking textures..Did Boris "Bark" at It,Or just cock his leg...R.
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“Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.”
10/24/13 2:51 PM GMT
Great entry for the challenge - the textures give so many variations in tones.
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. . . "What a desolate place would be a world without a flower! It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome." A.J. Balfour
10/24/13 3:56 PM GMT
This is a great black-and-white photograph very artistic looking and would look great in the contest.Stunning textures and nice composition too.
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10/24/13 4:03 PM GMT
Great title and idea, SAM.
I think I got the message contained in the puzzle.
Be careful on your assignment.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
10/24/13 10:02 PM GMT
Textures, textures, textures. So many textures - I love it.
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"Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people." W.C. Fields. So I bet you'll go over to see My Gallery.
10/25/13 1:14 AM GMT
Reminds me of Ponderosa Pine bark. When my family went camping in the Cascades where there were a lot of Ponderosa pine trees, I would chip off a handful of these "puzzle pieces" and try to reverse engineer them into a picture of sorts. Happy memory!
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"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne, Thassay so hard, so sharp the conquering..." Chaucer
10/26/13 2:13 AM GMT
Great find and shot, really like all those textures and does look like a puzzle. SABK
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♥ Skates ♥
11/01/13 10:40 PM GMT
Great textures and post work on the image SAM.
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Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane. -- Philip K. Dick, Valis
11/21/13 2:29 PM GMT
Wow - you nailed the texture and the B/W works wonderfully here! I'm heading out to the forest now to look for interesting bark. (Bark...was that a dog I heard???)
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The thing that goes the farthest, towards making life worthwhile, it costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.

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