old or aged looks  

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Uploaded: 11/23/13 10:12 PM GMT
old or aged looks
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This building looks a little out of place in Szczecin as it bears some traces of the architecture typical of our southern areas. Posted it in 2009 in colour but now realised that it is better in sepia. SAM & SAAB


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11/23/13 10:16 PM GMT
Love the reflections in the windows Marzena. Nice angle and composition. Fantastico!
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11/23/13 10:33 PM GMT
Great detail, Marzena... and the diagonals really add to the flavour.
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11/23/13 10:54 PM GMT
Good job done here..Very nice..R.
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11/23/13 11:10 PM GMT
Marvelous detail and really like the treatment SAM, like the way the window really show the reflections of the big trees
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11/23/13 11:42 PM GMT
The sepia version looks very nice SAM. Cler details and also the reflections in the windows look pretty.
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11/24/13 12:43 AM GMT
Great work Sam well done
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11/24/13 12:48 AM GMT
Very nice one for challenge, Good luck San.
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11/24/13 1:09 AM GMT
SAM,I really like this one marvelous details, and those reflections in the windows are super! Looks great in sepia my friend. SAS =^..^=
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11/24/13 1:18 AM GMT
What beautiful trim work!!! A gorgeous building and a great angle here girl!!!
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11/24/13 1:40 AM GMT
Love this, the tone, the angle, the trim, all of it...faved.
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11/24/13 6:57 AM GMT
Has that lovely 'Period' look about it!

Very nice indeed!
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11/24/13 10:01 AM GMT
Reflections and beautiful tones!
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11/24/13 11:30 AM GMT
It is lovely SAM. The window reflections make it extra special
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11/24/13 11:52 AM GMT
---Posted it in 2009 in colour but now realised that it is better in sepia---

Hope that the colours aren't faded away, SAM, lol.
Honesty requires me to say that I can't remember the coloured version, but this is a very good photograph taken with an appropriate angle.

Regards, Cornelius.
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11/24/13 3:46 PM GMT
"Old or aged looks", I thought you were talking about me!! The sepia treatment suits this so well.
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11/24/13 3:50 PM GMT
Sepia is ideal for this very intricate structure and the angle is spot-on perfect.
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11/24/13 5:20 PM GMT
Great shot, nice view and perspective. Very good composition.
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11/24/13 6:33 PM GMT
Yes nice capture of for reflections in the windows and what stunning carvings in the wood work,plus the detail and colour effect is superb SAM!
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11/25/13 12:03 AM GMT
Marzena - The sepia tone works perfectly to show the details of this fine old house. Thad
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11/25/13 1:30 AM GMT
The sepia was a good choice for this one. It shows off the details so much better and this old house has a lot of it to show off.
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11/25/13 5:51 AM GMT
I love the architectural style and details in the building. A nice angle in the photo. It appears to be a new but built in the old style given the patina of the wood.
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11/25/13 12:19 AM GMT
Color is wonderful, details perfect, best part for me is the reflection in the windows... makes it stand apart from similar photos.
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11/27/13 11:54 PM GMT
Excellent work marra. I love owd did good.
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11/28/13 11:31 AM GMT
i think you need to crop this one! agree with the reflection of the windows, nice! not a big fan of sepia, i like B/W better. great angle on this one.
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12/16/13 4:24 PM GMT
I have to agree with you Sam. The Sepia works great. The reflection in the window become even more interesting. I like this one.

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