What The....?  

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Uploaded: 02/03/12 10:40 PM GMT
What The....?
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A somthing I made in maya......and there is totally not a road cone anywhere in this picture....... Feel free to comment and lemme know what you think it looks like!


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02/04/12 5:05 PM GMT
Something you made? So it's not originally a photograph but rather a digital illustration?

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02/05/12 3:25 AM GMT
Yep, it is a digital illustration, it is not now and never has been a photograph. :)
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02/06/12 6:08 PM GMT
Looks like a duck with a hat to me, but then my icon is a rooster so my first guess would of course be fowl.
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02/08/12 4:42 PM GMT
Mallards are go!? Pleasant design nonetheless.
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