Wave shepard  

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Uploaded: 11/01/06 10:16 PM GMT
Wave shepard
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I swear it came right out of the sea...


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11/01/06 10:38 PM GMT
Simply lovely. And, a perfect title. - cheers,kim
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11/01/06 10:55 PM GMT
It looks like a rough, windy day. A beautiful dog. Very nice.
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11/01/06 10:58 PM GMT
Ah, but can it surf? Beautiful contrast in this image. And I like dogs.
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11/01/06 11:17 PM GMT
With the black and white it really does seem as though he's a creature of the sea.
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11/02/06 2:41 AM GMT
Yeah, after it ran into the sea! What wonderfu clarity and I do so like the black and white. So much contrast.
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11/02/06 3:33 AM GMT
Love it. The black and white is perfect here.
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11/02/06 6:24 AM GMT
I agree, the B&W here works very nicely. Great post!
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11/02/06 1:45 PM GMT
great idea. the dog and the waves being the same color is great. i love the position in which you caught the dog! wonderfully executed!
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11/02/06 2:56 PM GMT
I think the monochrome treatment was a good idea for this one. Sometimes colour just gets in the way of a good photo. The dog is definitely the centre of attraction here and heís a fine looking dog too.
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11/02/06 6:15 PM GMT
Hi Paul! Very surprising! Thanks.
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11/02/06 8:03 PM GMT
A monochromatic masterpiece. I think this is excellent work. The detail, the depth, the contrast and best of all the dramatic action of the dog and the crashing waves. Great job.
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It's better to have a living dog, than a dead lion.
11/05/06 12:59 AM GMT
I'm way behind in my comments but I'm posting this message to let you know that I have viewed this image and found it to be very nice. I've enjoyed viewing this photo. Thanks for posting it.
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11/06/06 8:33 PM GMT
The Black and White sea make the shepard dog really stand out.Hes a real beauty.Great Peace of Work.
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I might not have enough time to respond to all your pictures.But I will see them all.
11/07/06 1:01 AM GMT
this is stunning i love the black and white, @ATEN@
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are you ready ? i am
11/09/06 11:43 AM GMT
Great contrast....and location...!!!
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03/03/07 3:41 PM GMT
best black and white photograph i've seen.
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11/13/07 2:50 PM GMT
Just a beautiful classic shot..ans so much force has been cpatured with the waves..well done! =D
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06/24/08 3:49 AM GMT
aha! A true "salty dog" ;-)

nice composition here, Paul. The waves seem to be ominously approaching mr pooch here. as mentioned before, the B/W works well here.. adds a sense of drama to the scene.
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05/05/09 12:41 AM GMT
What a great shot! Love how it looks in BW!
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