Liquid Curves  

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Uploaded: 08/15/08 2:30 AM GMT
Liquid Curves
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This is a close-up of a Galileo Thermometer reflected in a mirror and my second contest entry. I hope you all enjoy.


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08/15/08 3:55 AM GMT
Stunning Paul! An excellent choice for your shot and the colors are just gorgeous! Your mind was sure working with this one and I wish you luck in the contest!
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08/15/08 4:03 AM GMT
Another good one Paul. As CL said, it is an excellent choice. I really like the curves and the colors.

Nice post

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08/15/08 6:08 AM GMT
Nice one that liquid 70 proof then?

Some nice curvy lines in this good luck!
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08/15/08 11:21 AM GMT
Creativitely cool!! Me likes!!

Good luck in the contest!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
08/15/08 11:41 AM GMT
Well now you have two really nice entries. This is really colorful. Nice work.

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08/15/08 1:01 PM GMT
Nice curves and fine idea,good luck.
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08/15/08 4:27 PM GMT
A nice colourful curvy shot, A good entry.
Good Luck

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08/15/08 6:21 PM GMT
A really great and marvelous shot, Paul.. great piece of work, and good luck!!!!
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08/15/08 7:21 PM GMT
Unusual but Original choice for an Entry Paul.

Good luck.

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Ribbit ! Come on over to my Pad.
08/15/08 7:55 PM GMT
Wow!!!Soooooooo great and very artistic shot!!!!GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!!!
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08/17/08 2:35 AM GMT
A Galileo Thermometer, eh? Guess I'm showing my age when i say I thought it was perhaps a lava lamp. Saturday Night Fever and all that!

Certainly no offense intended, by the way, I think this is a post that stands very well on its own, I just scored it quite well in the VB and think it makes a superb entry into the contest.

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08/17/08 3:30 PM GMT
well I have no idea what a galileo thermometer is! lol! but you captured some lovely curves here Paul! good luck in the contest!
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08/26/08 12:40 AM GMT
Im with Patti :-P
Good photo and good luck in the contest
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09/14/08 9:39 AM GMT
Love it, faved.
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12/10/08 3:55 AM GMT
Nice work. I have one of these and never thought of taking a picture like this. Very unique.
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09/19/09 6:15 AM GMT
My brother used to have one of these, but the cat knocked it off the window sill. I've always thought they were gorgeous though, and this picture is amazing.
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