Motor Mill  

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Uploaded: 05/09/17 1:08 AM GMT
Motor Mill
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Motor Mill. I don't know the history on this mill, the bridge was swept away a few years ago and the new bridge was put in a year or so ago I believe. It's still a unique building made of local limestone. Several other buildings are on the site. Will send them along later on. This mill is located in Elkader, IA


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05/09/17 1:36 AM GMT
I'm such a fan of mills and bridges. Carol, I really like the contrast of the mill against the trees, and you did a superb job on the composing!
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/09/17 2:13 AM GMT
I miss my days in Iowa and the Midwest. I wish I had been a more avid photographer in my youth. You have fertile territory for photographers with your skills. I am reminded of the work you posted nearly a decade ago which was pretty good. However, this shot demonstrates that your work is stellar. Faves for me.
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05/09/17 5:23 AM GMT
This is such a nostalgic image Carol. I love the perspective, the colors and clarity. Well presented:)
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05/09/17 7:16 AM GMT
I searched and found 'THIS' Carol...
A good point of view for this photo....It looks to have had a good restoration!
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05/09/17 8:02 AM GMT
This is a great photo! The light-colored brick really stands out.
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05/09/17 9:00 AM GMT
Didn't know that Elkader, Clayton County, Iowa, hadn't these 'treasures', Carol! I'm curious for the other ones
This one is seen and captured perfectly however, my friend!
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05/09/17 1:46 PM GMT
You are making history in pictures, Carol.
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05/09/17 1:52 PM GMT
The colors here compliment each other perfectly, terrific capture, just right!
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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
05/09/17 3:33 PM GMT
Great image of the early days of industry in the U.S. Carol - love those old mills - Excellent Capture!!!!!!
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05/09/17 11:09 PM GMT
You composed this so well , fine photo Carol.
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05/13/17 10:32 PM GMT
Such great history, thanks for sharing.
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Long before the white man and long before the wheel, when the dark green forests were too silent to be real. Lightfoot 1967
05/22/17 3:50 PM GMT
A real stunner
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