An Oldie  

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Uploaded: 07/06/19 10:44 PM GMT
An Oldie
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Found this old van along the highway on one of trip around the countryside. That circular thing along the side must be for a spare tire. Just a guess.


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07/07/19 1:20 AM GMT
What a good find this one was, and your editing has even given it a great look.I agree that spot probably held the spare. tigs=^..^=
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07/07/19 3:33 AM GMT
A great find and nice treatment, Carol. Especially like old vehicles...mainly because I owned a few in earlier years.
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07/07/19 8:02 AM GMT
Whoever did this has done a good job of this Oldie. Nice photo.
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07/07/19 8:39 AM GMT
This is a fabulous find Carol...Looks like that 'circle' piece would be a place for a spare wheel!...Great processing too...

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07/07/19 9:39 AM GMT
Nostalgia pur sang, Carol.
Hope that the 'circular thing' contains a good spare tire, because I guess that it's needed at the left front tire in order for continuing the ride, 😜
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07/07/19 12:03 AM GMT
A wonderful piece of nostalgia - your editing is perfect for it as well
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07/07/19 2:51 PM GMT
What a great find Carol. It even has a matching wagon.
You can find some good photo ops cruising the countryside.
I would agree that is for a spare tire. Need all the room they can get in the back.
Wonderful shot and edit.


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07/07/19 2:52 PM GMT
Love this fine shot. The name on the old panel truck is priceless. Thanks for sharing this.
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07/09/19 4:59 PM GMT
Its good fortune that you were able to stumble across this relic. Thanks for sharing.
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08/14/19 7:10 AM GMT
The colors and lighting in this photo are spectacular. Really sets the mood, excellent work, brilliant idea to capture this scene. Favorite.
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