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Uploaded: 03/25/09 6:58 PM GMT
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This snapshot fractal escaped from Apophysis 2.06. Since then it has been roaming the world at large, preying on the weak and defenceless. Here you see it in the Elements Sea, chasing a rare Xaos fractal.

It's a fractal-eat-fractal world -- keep a watchful eye on yours.


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03/25/09 9:20 PM GMT
Are you a thief now? real beauty! Very thought provoking!
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Love and live.
03/26/09 2:52 AM GMT
Utterly and fantastically beautiful and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! A fave and now my desktop. You knew you had a winner here I bet:):)
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03/26/09 4:45 AM GMT
That Apophysis flame may have started out life as a fractal snapshot for a newbie fractalist Tootles hon.... but you made one heck of a fabulous abstract manip out of it. I love how you used it as a cosmic wind of sorts encircling your "planet" ... what a great concept all the way around.

A definite fave hon & a big huge congratz on turning a possible negative into a big huge positive.

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I've got amnesia & deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before ! ... That was Zen, but this is Tao !!! ...CLICK TO SAVE LIVES !
03/26/09 7:53 AM GMT
Faved, brilliant image :-)
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04/07/09 5:28 PM GMT
Thought it was only fair to return the favour and check your pictures out, glad I did this one straight to favourites, love the colour combination and smoke effect, keep it up.
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06/04/09 3:32 PM GMT
What intrigues me is the contrast of motion and tension in the tendrils (which look like electrical charges) and the centered calm of the sphere, along with the droplets which are also static. Lovely colors and composition.
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12/18/10 5:51 PM GMT
I was gmail audio-yakking with one of my best Caedes buddies into the wee hours last night, and we were looking through the fractals galleries for a particular artist, trading links back and forth. She sent me the link for this one, Gollup, loudly exclaiming "Holy (expletive)!" I agreed (your name coming to mind, remembering our recent thread conversation). We were discussing its merits -- colors, inference to space, composition, arrangement, depth, and so on -- when she mentioned the "water drops" to her daughter (who I could hear in the background). I then pointed out that they could also be "moons" because you can see the shadows they were throwing on the sphere. At that point I heard both of them loudly "Holy Cow!"-ing. Your fractal's a hit, Tootles.
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