Peace and Quiet  

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Uploaded: 03/27/09 12:48 AM GMT
Peace and Quiet
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For Pat's 'Stillness Speaks' challenge.

I saw Joanie and Bruce creating some amazing wallpapers using, and couldn't resist having a go myself! My first abstract in that program was only 800 x 600, but I was determined to make it into a wallpaper anyway.

I used both (PC) and Photoshop Elements 2.0 (Mac).

I was trying to think of a suitable title for it. My mother just happened to be passing by, so I asked her for ideas. The jewel was in the centre at the time, and she scowled at it a bit and said "try putting the jewel in the corner."

I gathered up all the layers that made up the jewel and dragged them over to the top right corner.
"Yes," said Mum.
She glared at me. "I LIKE it."

My tidy and ordered mind preferred it in the middle, but I'll post it this way for the sake of peace and quiet...


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03/27/09 7:55 AM GMT
Great image, cool for a desktop, well done, faved:-)
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03/27/09 10:10 AM GMT
Always listen to your Mom, lol...very nice indeed...I'll post the link for you on the challenge thread.
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03/27/09 11:19 AM GMT
Very nice work. A very good desktop.going to fav this one
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03/27/09 4:23 PM GMT
Very nice & well done
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03/28/09 3:57 AM GMT
Oh, I love this! Such soft powdery blues! And the blue to pink color gradient. Again, so soft and calm. Into my favs with this one! Wen
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03/28/09 4:15 AM GMT
Hi Tootles. Well, guess who? It isn't Joanie but she'll be here along any minute:):) lol. It's that Bruce guy who use P.N.
WOW!! A great creation and so easy on the eyes. I see your mom carries "influence" over there:)My wife and I were glancing through the images here and saw your picture. We got a good laugh from your wonderful narrative and I just had to write back. Mom is right, I think the corner is the better place for the jewel but I have never seen it anywhere else so how would I know:):) Either way, this is a beauty and of course we are expecting more now. :):):)
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03/28/09 4:43 PM GMT
I think your mom was "thinking outside the box." lol. I really like the faint jewels in the boxes for they create a terrific diagonal. The colors are great and the upper right jewel is very distinctive at that place in the picture. I try to imagine it in the center and feel your overall picture would have better balance with how you have it now. I never argue with moms!
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05/06/09 6:25 PM GMT
Such a beautiful and soothing creation, Tootles! I really like the offset of the gem and the soft colors! Aren't Mothers great! :) Kudos!
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*Tea is a cup of life*
05/19/09 12:46 AM GMT
lovely :)
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~Double-M-A~ Im a crazy dancer who loves icecream YAAAYY
05/29/09 1:17 AM GMT
It's the perfect place for it, and the colours here are just fantastic. Gorgeous....for sure. Bravo!! Verena
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
08/16/09 5:47 PM GMT
Nice work. Smart mom.
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09/23/10 4:15 AM GMT

Hi Tootles!

Your wonderful work catched my eyes in homepage of Caedes, I fell in passion for this soft 3d tones of blue and design, a cool DT in my computer, congratulations!
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Susie Sun

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