Stepping Rings  

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Uploaded: 06/13/17 6:58 PM GMT
Stepping Rings
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Made using Pillemaster's Circular Flame Tutorial on DeviantArt.

I just followed the steps, so deserve no credit for this. Pillemaster posted a better example.

I made this one back in July 2015, so can't remember much about it now. :-(

Software used:

Apophysis 7x 15D
Photoshop CS5 (for background and adjustments)


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06/13/17 8:55 PM GMT
This is very cool, I have no idea how this type of work is done, but I know what I like, and this would be one. Good render, with a good design work. tigs=^..^=
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06/13/17 9:40 PM GMT
Getting a strong sense of deja vu washing over my pea brain..

That.. tutorial.. is mind-numbingly frustrating. To coin a phrasing.

Your results are great, though.

What I appreciate is.. your composition, choice of colour palette.. and then, that of the clean render.

Some rather exacting standards demanded by the flame's base tutorial and well-executed by you (possibly interpreted/extrapolated?.. if my recollection of some issues with said tutorial is correct).

+favs for me.


But, of course.. thank you for sharing this one with us.
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06/18/17 9:35 PM GMT
I could easily see this as the background for a glossy program for a racetrack... or an ad for a taxi company. That repeated string of checkerboard is what's putting that in my head. Also, I really like it. Into my favorites, thanks.

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