Cut Through the Trees  

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Uploaded: 06/28/17 7:38 PM GMT
Cut Through the Trees
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Not sure what I think about this one. Wasn't sure if anything could be done about the bright white sky... probably nothing.

Spent ages with several filters and ended up with a simple Photoshop 'cutout' filter on a base made from the other filters. It was similar to how it was from the original photo, but marginally stronger. Nevertheless, sometimes you wonder if it was worth the time you spent! You go for a wander round the base of the tree and end up back where you started.

Canon 6D, Photoshop CS5.


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06/28/17 9:50 PM GMT
I think your hard work paid off, it has a very good artistic feel, and has superb color, and contrasts. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/29/17 7:13 PM GMT
Bravo!!! love the effect here.
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07/03/17 8:04 PM GMT
Y'know, I often get people poking me with "Yer sky is really burnt out!" on a perfectly acceptable photo. The thing is, the sky sometimes IS white... and sometimes red... and sometimes purple... hell, every color you can imagine, at one time or another. I'm not bothered by the white in your photo at all. I wasn't sure what you were trying to show us (cuz it just looked like some trees) until I brought it to full enlargement. I really like that treatment you used but I've used PS5 since it was debuted and I'm not familiar with "cutout".

And it was worth it. When going for a degree in fine art, it took me a long time to create something like this, by hand. I get a kick out of how simple it is now with applications like Photoshop.

Happy Trails

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07/04/17 1:39 PM GMT
That is true... my sky out the window is white today! Or, truth be told, it's a very pale bright cloudy grey. Definitely shining white through the trees, though.

I think we've been told so often to beware of burned-out whites that we've become hyper-aware and avoidant.

And I agree... it's a bad thumbnail. :-) It doesn't look tempting at all.
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