Island Birds II  

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Uploaded: 05/14/09 11:43 PM GMT
Island Birds II
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Great Blue Heron on the fishing pier at Dauphin Island, AL.


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05/14/09 11:56 PM GMT
A heron with a pony tail. It is really flying in the breeze Elizabeth. It seems to be surveying the area. I like how it is outlined against the sky.

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05/14/09 11:57 PM GMT
You are so terrific with these bird shots. We have blue herons around here also, but not as stunning a bird as you have captured. Awesome work.
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05/15/09 12:01 AM GMT
Great shot.
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05/15/09 12:40 AM GMT
Very classy bird! Like those feathers blowing back on his head! Great detail and a wonderful composition. He looks regal against that sky~you did well with the light too! :)Ami
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05/15/09 2:06 AM GMT
Beautiful capture. Your composition is very surreal. I like

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05/15/09 2:38 AM GMT
An excellent capture of this Blue Heron Elizabeth. A nice looking sky for a background also. Nice work
Thanks for sharing

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05/15/09 4:08 AM GMT
I love the vantage point of this shot, it looks like you were sitting for this one. I really like the sky as the background for this long haired bird. :)
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05/15/09 4:19 AM GMT
Is that a wig it's wearin?! haha neat, I've never seen a heron pose like that!
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05/15/09 4:29 AM GMT
Gorgeous shot, Elizabeth! Wow!
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05/15/09 5:02 AM GMT
Spot on Composition Elizabeth! When we were at Dauphin Island I loved watching all the birds! They were neat. The way you positioned yourself so that this heron is against the blue of the sky makes for a better than average shot! The angle of the pier board is parallel with the ending line of the clouds. Again, a super neat detail!
Well done and to my favorites this shot goes!!
Thanks for sharing this with me :=)
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05/15/09 6:36 AM GMT
A wonderful shot of this beautiful bird. I like the composition a lot. The blue sky is a perfect background. wonderful post!
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05/15/09 9:40 AM GMT
How many times did your shutter open and close while this beautiful bird posed? Elizabeth, excellent detail and focus.
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05/15/09 1:39 PM GMT
That would be the catch of a lifetime for me. I dream of getting a shot like this. That heron looks super against the sky, and it is in perfect focus. A great job, Elizabeth.

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05/15/09 4:16 PM GMT
Elizabeth, the qualty is amazing in this bird post of yours. All the details of the bird are so great against that blue white soft sky. Good work.. really good work! Mich
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05/15/09 5:27 PM GMT
You shore have a eye for birds this is really beautiful.
The blue in the bird and sky really set this heron of, well done.
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05/15/09 5:39 PM GMT
Now THAT'S a great capture...perfect composed and the clarity is so spot on. So wonderful, I'm jealous....LOL. I slowly tuck you image under my coat and slip off into the beach sunset.
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05/15/09 6:51 PM GMT
It has you under control Elizabeth, lol.
Love this post, as it's a very good one!
Regards, Cornelius.
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05/15/09 7:07 PM GMT
This one is really special! It looks like he is folding or unfolding his wings... preparatory to taking off because of the shutter click? Very nice composition, and I bet you didn't have much time to set up the shot at all. I think you should try to sell this one to a bird book...check the publishing companies!
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05/15/09 10:28 PM GMT
Outstanding E !

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
05/16/09 12:03 AM GMT
This is outstanding.Excellent...
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05/16/09 12:45 AM GMT
Elizabeth this is a great shot. I love the angles and the colors. That sky is unreal.
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05/16/09 12:59 AM GMT
The Great Blue Herons are lovely birds Liz, & it's always a joy to see them.

Ace camera work by the way. (o:
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Look after the wildlife folks
05/16/09 1:40 AM GMT
magnificent shot. clarity is superb!!
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05/16/09 8:28 PM GMT
A very good composition, and I like the angle where the herons stand out beautifully against the sky.
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05/19/09 6:26 AM GMT
Good angle,Great clarity..R.
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05/22/09 9:20 AM GMT
WOW !!, Elizabeth, what a fantastic, excellent shot !
My compliments !
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05/24/09 5:44 AM GMT
Elizabeth, fantastic capture great detail and I love the angle of the shot.
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