Balanced Rock and Negative Space  

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Uploaded: 02/06/09 11:01 PM GMT
Balanced Rock and Negative Space
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Garden of the Gods, Colorado My submission for the contest. Just don't blow on it too hard. It might fall over....


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02/06/09 11:04 PM GMT
Very good photo of the big rock,very nice redish color too,furthermore the clarity is very good,good luck.
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02/06/09 11:06 PM GMT
Nice colors here Ruby, funny how nature sets things up sometimes isn't it ?? :)
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02/07/09 1:22 AM GMT
I wouldn't get too close to it! The rock looks soft and soapy like soapstone or maybe it is just worn down with time. Good luck, Ruby.
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02/07/09 3:30 AM GMT
Ruby, that rock has a wonderful human profile! Best wishes to you in the contest.
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02/07/09 3:31 AM GMT
I like the red rocks Ruby. I wouldn't get to close to the one that looks like it going to fall any minute. Love the colour and clarity in this shot. Nice work

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02/07/09 3:57 AM GMT
Neat rocks and a wonderful shot! Love the colors in this and good luck in the contest.
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Love and live.
02/07/09 4:48 AM GMT
Those red rock formations have always fascinated me. How a huge rock balances on another is beyond me, but then anything is possible when it involves nature. I like the textures too. Wonderful capture Ruby & best of luck in the contest.
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02/07/09 5:41 AM GMT
I saw a human profile in it too... it almost looks like a sand garden. I bet we could get a big enough group together to huff and puff and... ;-)) Good entry, may luck be with you!
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02/07/09 12:16 AM GMT
Ruby, This is so good and I'm glad you entered it in the contest. Best of luck my friend with this fine image. There is somewhat of a human profile in this, I can see it too.
=^..^= sandi ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. ♪ ♫ ♪sandi ♪ ♫ ♪
02/08/09 5:45 PM GMT
I really like the reddish colors of the rocks. It does look dangerous though :-). A very good post! Good luck in the contest!
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02/08/09 11:37 PM GMT
Thank you all so very very much!!
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02/09/09 2:07 PM GMT
What a neat rock formation! Good luck in the contest!
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02/09/09 4:48 PM GMT

Nice photo indeed my old friend.

Take care,


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Hi All, if you see my initials on you latest upload you will know that I have had a good look at your photo, but at the moment, I'm getting over 200 friends a day, and I just cant keep up with you all, sorry, but I will look, but at times I wont be able to make many comments....
03/03/09 12:02 AM GMT
Neat rock formation tho' it looks kinda' precarious balancing there...great contest, entry, Ruby...good luck.
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