Here Thar Beh Unykorns  

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Uploaded: 02/26/06 9:14 PM GMT
Here Thar Beh Unykorns
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Used Phil's Haweswater for the bkgd scene in the ball. Photoshop/Illustrator. Comments/questions welcome. and how convenient... it's ready just in time... Happy Birthday Jacqueline 8•). *squeaks in fear* *hits the upload button*


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02/26/06 10:09 PM GMT
Nice one! I like the sort of fortune teller thing you got going here...that was what you were going fo right? nice work :D
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02/26/06 10:11 PM GMT
Great work, Cat.. Good luck..
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One bead at a time
02/26/06 10:33 PM GMT
Thanks so much Cat.. this is such a lovely surprise... i love it... you've done a great job on this... and i will treasure it... love the crystal ball idea.. can you see the future for me?? lol.. you have made my day so special thankyou soooo very much my friend...
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02/26/06 11:35 PM GMT
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02/26/06 11:49 PM GMT
And ... misspelled just for me .. how sweet

I proclaim you to be a hustler, a sleeper agent, a pool shark .. hiding the fact that you had talent until a contest came along ... we've all been snookered

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02/27/06 12:57 AM GMT
Wow! This is wonderful Cat! What a cool manip this is! And ya even snuck Tink in there too!
How Disneyesque of you!..=PP Great job and good luck in the contest!..=D
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02/27/06 3:01 AM GMT
Outstanding Cat ! I love how you did this, it's fantastic ! This is the coolest ! And a birthday wish too ! Wowzer ! A double whammy ! Good luck in the contest !
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02/28/06 10:58 AM GMT
That's it, I'm throwing in the towel. ^_^ Did you use a tablet when creating the illustrations? How come little elves dress so lightly btw, don't they get chilly and catch the cold if they run around like that all the time? :P
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03/01/06 2:21 AM GMT
Wow, thank you guys, I'm feeling very… humble… I'm so new @ doing this type of art, and doing any art that wasn't for one of the very few classes I've taken or a work project. As I work for a children's furniture manufacture… you might guess that I never get to draw anything this detailed. lol.

I do use a tablet Klas, and the only reason the fairies have ANY clothes on @ all is to comply w/the CCOC. I impressed myself drawing (humanish) bodies here and wanted to show them off. 8•)
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One man sees things and says "why?", but I dream things that never were and say "why not?"
03/01/06 9:40 AM GMT
You did a fantastic work at it, you impressed me too. Especially if you are new at this kind of drawing. I thought it had to be a tablet, with such nice flow in the lines but still a certain CG feeling to it, i.e. doesn't look scanned. I was just poking fun at you about the clothes. Good reply anyway. ;)
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03/01/06 8:39 PM GMT
Wow, This is wonderful!!! Though, did you know that the fairy on the left, her wings are slightly out of the ball? Just thought i'd let ya know. Otherwise this is such a wonderful picture!
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"You've never seen it!!! You've never seen it miss this house, miss that house, and come after you! - Joe from "Twister"
03/01/06 8:45 PM GMT
lol. That's cuz if you look, she's outside the ball! w/her lil nose pressed up against the glass peeking in 8•)
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One man sees things and says "why?", but I dream things that never were and say "why not?"
03/01/06 9:32 PM GMT
This is great! I love this...what a cool and original idea! It's going into my favorites. Best of luck in the contest!
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03/01/06 9:57 PM GMT
oh ok. Sorry 'bout that. I see that now!!! That makes the picture even better! lol
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"You've never seen it!!! You've never seen it miss this house, miss that house, and come after you! - Joe from "Twister"
03/01/06 10:38 PM GMT
Beyond imagination and Excellent work!!
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Few words say it all.
03/03/06 6:16 PM GMT
Sooooo beautiful! Very nice idea!
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03/05/06 5:14 PM GMT
Another masterpiece!! Love it and you!!!!
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03/08/06 1:39 PM GMT
Well done!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
03/08/06 5:23 PM GMT
Wonderful piece of work. Highly imaginative and beautifully executed!
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03/08/06 6:33 PM GMT
excellent and so original.well done.
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03/11/06 2:20 PM GMT
A fairy tale come to life, it has a wonderful classic Disney look to it. Marvelous.
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03/17/06 11:39 PM GMT
This one is great fun and nicely designed/exectued. Bravo. I want to see more of your stuff. I recently did an inchanged forest with a Unicorn...we have stuff in common.
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-DFX -
03/24/06 11:26 AM GMT
Hi You ...

Thought I would be here congratulating you ... and I am, in way.

When I first saw this one, apart from your "At the Edge of Night" piece, I thought you were in good standing to receive some acknowledgement for this wonderfully fanciful take on the contest.

You succeeded on a number of levels with this one, IMHO.

This is 'pur' unadulterated fun. A story in an illustration. Complete with storyline and charming characters. I really liked and still like this very much. And the more times I see this ... the more I 'get' it.

It's a beautiful creation by a highly talented artist.

Congratulations. You are a winner in my books. :)
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05/18/06 6:41 AM GMT
I never did get to mention how fantastic I think this image is. I pointed this as the sure fire winning image for the Fantasy Landscape contest. You have created some great art here and it is still one of my favorite Caedes images. I was shocked at the winners for the FL contest. Not that they didn't deserve their titles, but I just never guessed one of them right. Oh well, many more contests in the future will come along. I had such fun with that one. Cheers and thanx for letting me know about the image stealing, very bizarre this digi art world is...............LPF
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06/01/06 11:06 PM GMT
This is a great image. Thank You for being so creative and sharing your work.
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All will come to pass!
06/18/06 7:06 PM GMT
Love this! It's hard to capture the permeation of the crystal ball, but you've done a fine job of it. I like how the green fairy is reflected, as she enters the landscape. Makes me want to jump right in as well. Nice job!
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07/02/06 6:43 PM GMT
Amazing! I love this image, thank you for my new background. ;D
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What we do in life, echoes in eternity..
08/01/06 2:18 PM GMT
wow! really like this.
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11/29/11 10:43 PM GMT
I just spotted this one, I love it cat! Tigs♥ =^..^=

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