Fire Moon  

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Uploaded: 10/13/14 12:07 AM GMT
Fire Moon
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I didn't know whether to put it in the Space category or Manipulation category. I took the moon image a few days ago with my Canon. I also made the background using Photoshop and Anyway the moon was the sharpest I have taken yet. It has some feel to it.


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10/13/14 12:40 AM GMT
I wonder if the cow that jumped over the moon got some good shots of the other side..or any shots at all. LOL. Super sharpness in the moon and that background is amazing. Well done, Frank.
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10/13/14 12:43 AM GMT
I think your category is just fine, and I must say this is one fantastic detailed capture of the moon, about the best I have seen. Your manipulation with the background is the final ultimate finish.
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10/13/14 12:54 AM GMT
I haven't seen a moon shot like this since my grandpa shot the moon in pitch and made it Frank.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
10/13/14 3:40 AM GMT
A big wow! I'm amazed by the detail on the moon. Outstanding & creative work, Frank.
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10/13/14 7:23 AM GMT
This is so well done Frank.
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10/13/14 8:20 AM GMT
The shot of the moon itself is excellent because it looks globular and not flat. Your idea with the flames and the background were also super and that has made this a very good manipulation Frank.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
10/13/14 8:50 AM GMT
Excellent work Frank lovely scene of the moon.Well captured.
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10/13/14 9:54 AM GMT
I have the feeling that the moon is on her way to us now Frank.

Great manip my friend.
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10/15/14 2:17 AM GMT
Interesting! This is what a total eclipse of the sun would look like if there were something to light up the side of the moon facing us.
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10/15/14 2:57 PM GMT
This is a marvelous presentation Frank - the moon is so clear and focused. Great work.
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10/16/14 8:01 PM GMT
Wowsie Frank, the background and post work you've done on this is Breath taking, it really shows off such detail and clarity on the excellent capture of the moon of yours. Downloaded & favd - also think the category is proper for this beauty
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