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Just something for a Wacky Wednesday.


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07/11/19 12:44 AM GMT
Are these guys all related? They do look a lot alike. Like cousins, maybe. Are they in training for something? There's a guy in the middle who's squatting... is he doing what I think he's doing? And why does the guy to his left get a stick and no one else gets a stick. I think they should all get sticks. And why are there three more green rectangles than any other color? Is green special? I think Red is special. Oh, wait, no, that's my wife that thinks red is special. I just thought that with a visual as wacky busy as this one you'd kinda want a comment that tried to duplicate that wacked out business as well. Did it work? Hey, are one of these guys's name Earl? I used to know a guy named Earl.

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07/11/19 2:10 PM GMT
What a clever one this is, bravo Frank. tigs=^..^=
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