Castle Keep  

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Uploaded: 07/10/11 2:47 PM GMT
Castle Keep
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Still standing. Maj. Abraham Falconer & Sgt. Rossi. Have marched off to the green fields beyond...Bamburgh


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07/10/11 2:57 PM GMT
I bet you are going there to rescue a damsel in distress, right? Cool shot of that Medieval structure, Biff.
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07/10/11 3:29 PM GMT
Great shot Richie!!! Jim doesn't know the difference in ravish and rescue I see lol:)
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07/10/11 4:44 PM GMT
A grand looking castle and superb capture Richie!!! Stunning!
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07/10/11 4:57 PM GMT
Me?...Ravish,Noooooooo ;)
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07/10/11 5:19 PM GMT
A fine shot here too Richie. Added to my Faves.
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07/10/11 5:36 PM GMT
This is just great. I love shots like this one becuase everything looks unchanged since the day it was built. No modern interferences like powerlines, cars, or road signs. A great capture. Very well done.
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07/10/11 7:19 PM GMT
Richie, had to read This Story to get well informed. Could however not read that the ancient castle was Bamburgh, lol.
Very fine image of Bamburgh Catle though.
Regards, Cornelius.

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07/10/11 7:27 PM GMT
Richie you keep King Aurthur and his knights of the roud table alive in our imaginations. Great hdr effects.
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07/10/11 9:56 PM GMT
An excellent view of the castle, Richie. I like the light in this shot and the detail you've pulled out of the shadows. Great sky, as well. Nicely done!

- Steve
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07/10/11 9:58 PM GMT
The castle looks so conspicuous against that sky. Nice and sharp shot.
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07/10/11 10:27 PM GMT
I remember the movie from my younger days Count B. I enjoyed it almost as much as I am enjoying this photo. Of course I am easy to please these days. :)


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
07/10/11 10:59 PM GMT
Superb capture makes for a superb image. Tigs♥ =^..^=

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07/11/11 1:55 PM GMT
Nice work Richie - clarity is great and the sky is wonderful.

Betty :)
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07/15/11 12:52 AM GMT
Wow, breath taking capture an scene
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07/17/11 11:25 PM GMT
Lovely castle, beautiful shot
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