The Longstone Light  

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The Longstone Light
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Longstone Lighthouse is most famous as the scene of the Forfarshire wreck and the exploits of Grace Darling, a daughter of the keeper in charge. In September 1838 the steamer Forfarshire, bound from Hull to Dundee, went aground on Hawkers Rocks, about a mile from the Lighthouse, when 43 people were drowned; the stern portion of the vessel being split off and carried away in the storm. The forepart, to which clung the survivors, remained fast on the rocks. At daybreak William Darling, the keeper, and the fishermen ashore saw the wreck, but the waves were beating against the rocks so much that the fishermen thought it impossible to attempt a rescue and even Darling hesitated. He was finally persuaded to make the attempt by his daughter, with her as the second hand in the small lighthouse boat. On reaching the wreck after a terrific struggle they brought back 4 men and 1 woman in their frail open boat and later a further four survivors; all 9 had to be accommodated and fed at the lighthouse for 2 days until the storm abated and they could be taken to the mainland. This gallant action made Grace Darling and her father famous. As news of her role in the rescue reached the public, her combination of bravery and simple virtue set her out as exemplary, and led to an uneasy role as the nation's heroine. Subscriptions and donations totaling over �700 were raised for her, including �50 from Queen Victoria; more than a dozen portrait painters sailed to her island home to capture her likeness, and hundreds of gifts, letters, and even marriage proposals were delivered to her. Her unexpected wealth and fame were such that the Duke of Northumberland took on a role as her self-appointed guardian and founder of a trust, established to look after the donations offered to her. His personal gifts to her and her family included a timepiece, and a silver teapot. In 1842, Grace fell ill while visiting the mainland, and was in convalescence with her cousins, the MacFarlanes, in their house in Narrowgate, Alnwick. The Duchess of Northumberland heard of her situation, and arranged for her to be moved to better accommodation close to Alnwick Castle, and tended to the ailing heroine in person as well as providing Grace with the services of the ducal family physician. Grace's condition declined, however, and in the final stages of her illness she was conveyed to the place of her birth, in Bamburgh. Grace Darling died of tuberculosis in October 1842, aged 26......R.


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06/17/15 6:36 PM GMT
Lovely and strong looking lighthouse. Beautifully captured.
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06/17/15 6:45 PM GMT
Crisp, gorgeous colors, nice composition.
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Jeff Hamilton
06/17/15 8:51 PM GMT
What a wonderful and sad story of Grace Darling Richie. This photograph of the lighthouse with its red and white against the beautiful blue sky is stunning. Thank You for the great image and for sharing her story.
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Life is a Constant Audition
06/17/15 9:53 PM GMT
Beautiful contrast and an interesting subject, R. Well done.
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06/17/15 10:39 PM GMT
Great colour and clarity and an interesting narrative. That was one brave girl!
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
06/18/15 12:15 AM GMT
Fascinating story Richie, one with which I was not familiar. Beautiful lighthouse image too for which I have a fondness. ,
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06/18/15 1:08 AM GMT
I was not aware of the story, I found it very interesting, she passed so early in her life. R. I also like the lighthouse, I'm a fan of them, and you did a fine job on the color, and focus. . S.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/18/15 1:20 AM GMT
Beautiful photo....thank you for sharing.
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06/18/15 6:08 AM GMT
I would give my right arm and left toe to tour that lighthouse. great commentary. KEEP-PAH
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06/18/15 7:07 AM GMT
She really was a 'Derlin' eh!....nice comp on this....hopefully we are going on the 1st!...
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06/18/15 9:41 AM GMT
Richie, I see that your country has its 'Frans Naerebout' (with his brave daughter Grace) too.

Very interesting and still touching story, the more that the brave Grace Darling died at the age of only 26 years young.

PS: I was so impressed that I almost had forgotten to say 'Thanks' for your wonderful image too.

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06/18/15 11:51 AM GMT
Interesting bit of history to go along with a great shot of the lighthouse. It's a dandy!
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06/18/15 9:57 PM GMT
Excellent capture and posting, truly loved the history you gave us and it's sad that they young lady passed so young. It truly is a beautiful light house.
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06/20/15 9:03 AM GMT
I love it, I adore lighthouses. Excellent work, Richie.
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06/26/15 10:11 PM GMT
so beautiful and the story was fascinating....
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