Don't Know What It Is, But I Captured It!  

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Uploaded: 08/11/09 5:46 PM GMT
Don't Know What It Is, But I Captured It!
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I think it's some relative of the globe artichoke and the thistle (which are all the same family). But I'm only guessing.


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08/11/09 5:49 PM GMT
I don't know what it is either but it makes a good looking composition. Good job of hunting!
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08/11/09 6:03 PM GMT
Well whatever it is this is very good in detail!
♪ ♫ :)sandi♪ =^..^=
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08/11/09 6:18 PM GMT
To me it's more an artichoke than a thistle Steve. It's anyhow a very good and interesting image.
Regards, Cornelius.
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08/11/09 6:36 PM GMT
Fabulous close up and such textures and detail Steve. Don't have a clue what that is.
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08/11/09 7:03 PM GMT
It looks great Caruso. I am not sure what it is either, but I don't think I want one in my salad. I will just look at its beauty.


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08/11/09 8:59 PM GMT
I do not know what it is either,the photo is very good,very good clarity and pleasant colors as well.
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08/11/09 10:06 PM GMT
I think it looks like an artichoke too but I could be wrong. Either way, nice capture. Well done!
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08/12/09 2:12 AM GMT
I would slice that thijng into about four pieces, and fry it in butter. Yummy. Very nice close up of that unknown whatcamacallit.

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08/12/09 6:24 AM GMT
It kinda looks like an artichoke, but I don't think it is....Well what ever it is, you did a nice job in capturing it. Now I hope you remember where this was, I'd like to see another photo of it soon, then maybe we can tell what it is. :D
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08/12/09 8:17 AM GMT
Good capture of the relative of artichoke, Steve. The blurred green background does enhance the image and gives it a sense of 3D.
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08/12/09 3:59 PM GMT
Very interesting little plant there...and a great shot!
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08/13/09 4:07 AM GMT
Nice clear details on this Steve, and it stands out well against ther cleverly blurred background.

It could be an Artichoke Thistle (Cynara cardunculus)
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08/14/09 10:00 PM GMT
Very nice indeed x
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