Winter Storms  

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Uploaded: 01/15/15 3:12 PM GMT
Winter Storms
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We've been having a great deal of weather recently, even in "Glorious" New Brighton. This is a view of Fort Perch Rock which is very close to our favourite lighthouse. this is at the mouth of The River Mersey.


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01/15/15 3:19 PM GMT
This is very dramatic, it really conveys the harsh conditions they have to endure, bravo Mr. B.this is superb! tigs =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/15/15 3:35 PM GMT
Been looking at the news on this!...Your side of the country has really taken a bashing!
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"> "You can observe a lot by just watching". - Yogi Berra
01/15/15 3:46 PM GMT
dark and gloomy with wild waves nice B & W
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01/15/15 4:29 PM GMT
Excellent shot Steve very well captured.
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01/15/15 4:37 PM GMT
Awesome storm shot. It looks great in black and white. I love the waves crashing there.
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01/15/15 4:40 PM GMT
Glorious and powerful waves breaking ashore, Steve. I like the overall cold, dark and dreary atmosphere you captured. Bravo.
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Music is what feelings sound like.
01/15/15 5:25 PM GMT
I suppose that people who are not familiar with the sea, underestimate the power of it. The waves can act like concrete. Great and impressive image Steve. I enjoy it a lot (your image but not this weather, lol).
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Try to change what you can't accept, but accept what you can't change. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal! Feel free to save my images or to add them to your favorites.
01/15/15 5:29 PM GMT
A nice shot of the storm. Well captured Steve.
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01/15/15 5:32 PM GMT
Those Atlantic lows one after the other! Very good shot of the crashing waves and spray Steve. I can imagine what the sea looks like further westwards. Thank God I don't have to face that kind of weather at sea anymore.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
01/15/15 7:19 PM GMT
Great tones and action in this scene...the b/w really adds to the drama...super shot.
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If you stare at an orange juice container because it says, "CONCENTRATE" might be a redneck.
01/15/15 8:10 PM GMT
Mercy sakes alive, this is a tremendous action shot Caruso.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
01/16/15 9:43 PM GMT
Wonderful capture of the wave action Steve. I think those wind turbines were probably getting sufficient wind during this storm.
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Life is a Constant Audition
01/20/15 11:14 AM GMT
Oh it looks very murky. You got good movement in this capture Steve. Looks excellent in B/W.

Consider it for the BWC ? (please )
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust

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