The Audition B&W  

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Uploaded: 01/06/12 11:55 PM GMT
The Audition B&W
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A B&W makeover of this image, following suggestions from Les. This version much better captures the feeling I wanted. Anyone remember fast B&W film with grain, like Kodak Tri-X 400? Vue9 scene. Comments and critiques welcome.


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01/07/12 2:10 AM GMT
good call on the B/W edit. Regardless of saturation levels*, I really like the "audience of one" narrative.

*I like the B/W a lot, but I like the color version too. Has a very different feel to each.
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01/07/12 4:36 AM GMT
Oh yeah, the black and white is so much better, more emotive. I was asked recently about what inspires me in terms of my photography. My answer was people here at Caedes who specialize in certain styles, Like Liz's Gulf Coast sunrises and sunsets, Paul Gerritsen's technical clarity, and so on. But I forgot to add Chris Coram's elegant and well-thought out black & white stories. I say stories because the difference between your work and most others is the difference between Hallmark Hall of Fame commercials and your ordinary garden-variety commercials; the HH of F commercials are like miniature movies, exceptionally well-done, the only commercials I don't mind watching. Perhaps you don't always get the feedback your stuff deserves, Chris, but you're in your element here, my man. The old magazines from the 50s and 60s used to do in-depth articles that actually told a story and didn't pander to today's readers' sense of self importance (they weren't writing for the "ME" generation). And I remember the great black & white photography that accompanied those articles. Your photo could have been in any one of those great mags. It has the flavor of reality.

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01/07/12 5:10 AM GMT
An a cappella voice shedding all protection and exposing heart, soul, and possibly talent.

The light and shadows add so much to this picture. In particular, the darkness of the piano brings forth an image of a face, of someone else in this room, a spirit, listening to the audition. But with head turned and facing away, providing a non-supporting posture.

The man is very casual and comfortable in his chair. Maybe he has sat through a number of auditions on this evening. Or, maybe, he knows her. She is a friend and he sits in trance as he enjoys her voice.

~~ John
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01/07/12 8:51 AM GMT
Thanks guys for the comments.

The grain helps a lot on this image as it hides the pristine edges that gives the colour version away as a CGI image. Dare I say it, but this is pretty much photographic quality. Not quite perfect, the Bar in the background is not quite correct and needs to be more blurred and the reflections on the piano are also not quite up to the mark.

More comments and critiques please.
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01/07/12 9:47 AM GMT
brilliant work, looks very realistic...........the spotlight would make straight lines hard egde or soft edge...but still love it...Ro
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
01/07/12 1:28 PM GMT
Hats off very nice work and the B&W is better.

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01/07/12 8:34 PM GMT
Have to agree, b/w is better, more mood and atmosphere...but I do like the color version as well...and I was surprised to learn it wasn't a photo of your best...faved..
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01/07/12 9:00 PM GMT

The conversion also toned down the prominence of the left-hand side blues, behind the piano and around that light source.. and the magentas on the singer.

And the grain has worked well in doing just what you say, blurring/blending and lending more realism to your piece.

Still the original strengths of your composition come to the forefront, regardless of colour or no.

Now then..

How's about that 40 hour render?

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01/07/12 10:37 PM GMT
The 40 hour render may have to wait. Thanks to all who commented.
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01/08/12 4:32 AM GMT
I agree the b/w is more atmospheric, but I did enjoy the blue tones of the first version which seemed to add to the 'smokiness'. The watcher with his hands behind his head has a great sense of concentration.
The only thing that slightly bothers me is the traffic sign on the left which draws my attention away from the performer.
It has a 60's feeling, probably most members are not familiar with that era lol but that is where it transports me and any image that transports me anywhere is a success in my eyes.
Well done indeed!
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01/09/12 7:03 PM GMT
It definitely takes you somewhere else. Great image.
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01/26/12 8:19 AM GMT
ok heres a start your B@W is grainy as hell
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01/26/12 8:20 AM GMT
Grain covers a lot of mistakes. But it is OTT.
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02/07/17 12:50 AM GMT
Nice! I love B/W and, yes, I do remember Tri-X Pan. Used it a lot in my old Nikon F2s. For me, the hands folded behind the head tells me this is an audition. Looks as though she made it more than 4 bars into the song, so maybe she got the gig. My only critique would be that I would like to see a little more distance between the performer and the club owner (?). I think that would isolate the performer more from the buyer (?). That distance is magnified if you are the performer, the whole time thinking, "He hates me..." "Shit, I shouldn't have gone for that note..." ...finishes performing... "Say something!!!" hear, "Next!" Great work Chris.
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