Veere (47), Clouds Over A Little Sleepy Town  

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Uploaded: 10/29/09 8:48 AM GMT
Veere (47), Clouds Over A Little Sleepy Town
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Think both image and title say it all.

Hope you'll like this image. Thank you in advance for your comment.


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10/29/09 8:59 AM GMT
Fantastic sky and also I can say the same for what is below the sky. Well composed also with the church well to the right. A very fine image, Cornelius.
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10/29/09 11:55 AM GMT
Cornelius - I recall that you have photographed the two churches visible in this photo, but not a panoramic view from this angle. Nicely using the rule of thirds, the photo has very good composition, and allows the clouds to be the focus. You did some excellent post-photo work to bring the clouds to this sharp definition. I suspect is was quite breezy, and the clouds were moving rather quickly, so each minute brought different views. This one is excellent! Thad
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10/29/09 12:20 AM GMT
Een Corneliaans stukje vakwerk! En daar kan ik dan van genieten! Mich
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10/29/09 1:42 PM GMT
Another fine shot here Sir C. Very well done my friend.

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10/29/09 2:09 PM GMT
A beautiful well composed scene Cornelius. Luv the colours, clarity and that amazing sky. Very nice work, Take care.

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10/29/09 2:26 PM GMT
This is an absolute beauty under that dramatic sky. Saved and faved!
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10/29/09 2:29 PM GMT
How beautiful this is Sea. This shot just defines how good you are at your hobby turned craft. Our little sleepy towns sure don't have beautiful structures such as this. A great all around photo.
Good health to you and yours.


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10/29/09 2:35 PM GMT
WOWEEEEEE! This is gorgeous, Cornelius. I love everything about it, especially that sky. A Wowser for sure. Beautiful colors and has it all.

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10/29/09 2:48 PM GMT
Very 'sunny and happy' colours, make this image a feast
for the eyes !
Nice work, Cornelius !
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10/29/09 3:13 PM GMT
The photo is beautiful,Cornelius,the colors,lighting and sky are beautiful.
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10/29/09 4:51 PM GMT
Terrific Cornelius. What sky and what a landscape.
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10/29/09 4:53 PM GMT
»»-»»((*♥*))»»-»» Magnificent Shot ««-««(( *♥*))»»-»»
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
10/29/09 6:35 PM GMT
A beautiful dramatic sky over the beautiful town. Very nice almost like a painting. Great work!
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10/29/09 9:32 PM GMT
So Fantastic sky and so Beautiful scene.Fabulous capture Cornelius.
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10/29/09 9:56 PM GMT
The colors and buildings in the village below are beautiful but you were right to focus on the sky. It is maginificent my friend. Very well captured and faved.
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10/29/09 11:44 PM GMT
Whoa, what a Spectacular sky and capture Cornelius, absolutely gorgeous.
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10/30/09 12:35 AM GMT
The picture seems very dramatic Cornelius and this is due to the wonderful sky which some how emphasises the size of the marvellous church.
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10/30/09 12:36 AM GMT
You have a beautiful scenic photo here.
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10/31/09 1:55 AM GMT
I love the way the soft greens and earth tones of the foreground give way the massive stone church that is in turn dwarfed by the infinite and beautiful sky. A very grand vista Mr C.
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10/31/09 1:57 AM GMT
Very stunning and eye popping image Mr. C. ♪ ♫ :)sandi♪ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/31/09 3:21 AM GMT
Beautiful sky formation. Saved.
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11/08/09 10:31 AM GMT
gorgious capture of a nice place, wonderful light.... a stunner
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
11/20/09 4:50 AM GMT
A stunning capture! Your colors are so vibrant and those clouds are impressive! Congratulations on your place of honor in the spotlight! Excellent work has brought you here! :)Ami
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