Dark River  

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Uploaded: 06/23/15 6:48 AM GMT
Dark River
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Perhaps it's meanwhile a familiar view to you: the Western Scheldt river, taken there where it's flowing into the North Sea. This time not a colored version however, but a B&W one as entry for the B&W challenge.

This image was captured off the coast of the peninsula Walcheren, Zeeland, The Netherlands.


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06/23/15 7:31 AM GMT
Beautifully composed with the ship headed into the sunbeams shooting down through the clouds. The B/W also interacts well with the various cloud tones. Fantastico, Cornelius.
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06/23/15 8:19 AM GMT
The sky looks very good even in b/W Cornelius. A fine entry for the b/w challenge.
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06/23/15 8:29 AM GMT
Looks good with those rays of light..Good luck...R.
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06/23/15 10:34 AM GMT
Mr. C. It is nice to see a challenge entry from you, and this is excellent. Color or B&W I'm a fan of your photography skills.
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06/23/15 10:47 AM GMT
Even in black and white your images are first rate, Mr. C. I love the scene especially with the rays of light shining through. A great addition to the Black and White Challenge.
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06/23/15 11:16 AM GMT
Excellent shot Cornelius look good in B/W Good luck in the challenge.
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06/23/15 12:54 AM GMT
Exceptional B/W Cornelius. I especially like the light rays.

Thank you for another fine BWC addition :)
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06/23/15 1:27 PM GMT
A gorgeous shot of the River Mr. C. Everything is here for a terrific scene - the beautiful sky with the rays of sun shining down, the ship, and the whisper of wind on the water. Great for Lyn's b&w Challenge.
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06/23/15 1:37 PM GMT
A nice shot for b/w challenge, Well done Cornelius.
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06/23/15 5:51 PM GMT
Wow the sky as a heavenly look and looks perfect in B&W and the clouds are stunning and so dramatic looking as well.I like how the ship is highlighted by the silvery looking sun rays as well.
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06/23/15 8:09 PM GMT
Wonderful entry Mr. C. - I love the crepuscular rays shining down - nice variety of tones as well.
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06/23/15 11:26 PM GMT
Fabulous B/W for the challenge, really like the rays coming down from the clouds & the way it shows the textures and movement of the water. That's a nice looking freighter/cargo ship, but looks a smaller then the ones here.
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06/27/15 10:34 PM GMT
Nice scene and beautiful shot, Sea. Good luck.
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