Sunset Textures  

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Uploaded: 06/04/17 10:10 AM GMT
Sunset Textures
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This sunset image was taken on one of the beaches of Flushing, Zeeland, The Netherlands, there where the Western Scheldt river flows into the North Sea.

In the distance once can see the coast line of Belgium.


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06/04/17 11:17 AM GMT
Mr. C. this is exquisite! It has not only your signature style of composition but the details and textures are mind blowing! Superior imagery, and a fave. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/04/17 12:25 AM GMT
Those ripples In the sand look great...R.
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I wish I was a Glow Worm, a Glow Worm's never glum, 'cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?
06/04/17 12:29 AM GMT
I am also going to use Sandi's description -exquisite !
Outstanding Cornelius!
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust
06/04/17 1:49 PM GMT
Detail is a wowser on this scene old friend!....So sharp, I can see footprints in the sand!...

So delightful and certainly a keeper
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06/04/17 6:19 PM GMT
Fantastic picture, very artistic, the sky is gorgeous.
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06/04/17 7:41 PM GMT
Ahhhhhhhh, just beautiful!!!, excellent
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06/04/17 7:42 PM GMT
Terrific capture of this picturesque area.
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06/04/17 9:03 PM GMT
A very, very beautiful sunset shot with that golden glow everywhere especially on the rippled wet sand.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
06/04/17 9:51 PM GMT
The rippled sand is really neat Mr. C. and of course the golden glow towards Belgium is lovely.
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. . . Earth laughs in flowers! Ralph Waldo Emerson
06/05/17 8:34 AM GMT
Outstanding! The image is well composed, etc., but there is an added artistry in the designs in the sand.
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06/05/17 2:41 PM GMT
Whoa, nature really provides such wonderful sights, really like the ocean floor and also the sun really showing us fabulous textures and detail
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06/05/17 7:26 PM GMT
The sand really lends itself to become the focal point in your image Cornelius with the side lighting emphasizing the textural quality - the overall golden glow is simply amazing - Great Capture!!!!!!!!!
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