Hairdress 2  

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Uploaded: 07/22/19 6:24 AM GMT
Hairdress 2
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This image was taken at a folklore event (inclusive a gig ride and a tilting at the ring event), in Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands, held this year on July, 11th.

It's a common use that the farmers, and their wives/partners don't only decorate the gig with foofs, but the horses as well (please check-out this link to see how this is done).


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07/22/19 7:27 AM GMT
He/She looks very nice with all the decorations including the hairdo. Good one for this Monday Cornelius.
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07/22/19 12:35 AM GMT
Beautiful closeup of this beautiful horse SEA.
It has a content look so it must like the braiding.


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07/22/19 6:36 PM GMT
A fine shot this is Sir C. That braiding work is so well done and it does spruce up the horse so nicely. Very talented folks.
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07/22/19 8:48 PM GMT
So much time has been put into not only the flower decorations, but the source of transportation as well. Very nice shot of this gorgeous horse.
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07/22/19 9:35 PM GMT
Beautiful horse and so nicely decorated for the event - looks like the horse enjoys it as well Cornelius - Great Capture:-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!
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07/23/19 12:24 AM GMT
Beautiful looking horse and all dolled up for the day - I like the customs involved with this Mr. C.
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