isle of man cat sanctury  

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Uploaded: 11/01/13 7:41 PM GMT
isle of man cat sanctury
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this is one that i was trying out my other shot this one was an idea i think i have done ok but but would like my friends to let me no how i have done


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11/01/13 8:50 PM GMT
It's a unique perspective on a cat photo, one I seldom see, and the floppy ear adds loads of character. He looks like he's got some years and experience on him. If this one had been mine I think I would have cropped it at the bottom just above where that electrical cable stands up on the right. I'd also crop it at the top, splitting the difference at the top between the top of the frame and the cat's ear. Then I would clone out the wires criss-crossing the sky and tweak the shadows in the cat's face a little with Photoshop's Shadow/Highlights tool under the Image/Adjustments menu. Then I would try to extend the canvas a little on each size, cloning and filling more sky in it to bring the full image to a ratio that would better fit a computer screen. Just a thought. -Nik
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11/02/13 12:35 AM GMT
Oh he looks like a little rough guy, really like the angle and the expression on his face. Fantastic shot
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♥ Skates ♥
11/02/13 2:07 AM GMT
This fellow is a character like Dean Martin in Rio Bravo in the cat's perspective ! Great guy.
Even agent Boris agrees and one could hardly expect my dog to appreciate any feline LOL
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
11/02/13 2:48 AM GMT
I've read about this cat sanctuary and I envy you. It must have been an experience to make a visit there. You likely found the one cat there with the most character! Good human character portraits sometimes will also convert well to black and white....have you thought of seeing what you have doing that as well?
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11/02/13 8:17 AM GMT
I too like the perspective, expression, and floppy ear.
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11/02/13 8:18 AM GMT
Beautiful shot! Great compo.
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11/02/13 8:21 AM GMT
Manx cats are one of natures wonderment's..(ie: No Tail)

Been to the islands Manx Cat Sanctuary a couple of times too!

A bit of cloning work on the above is needed..the wires and post..also I notice a persons arm on the left..either cloned or as Vic says crop the bottom!

Otherwise a great face-on capture of this beauty!
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